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Meet Our Adopting Parents

Andrew and Michael Hi, We learned the importance of open adoption through a personal experience in Andrew’s... [Read More...]

Kristen and Jon Hello from Durham, North Carolina! We are Jon and Kristen from Durham, North Carolina!... [Read More...]

Chris and Jeff About us Who are we?  We’re like two sides of the same coin.  We... [Read More...]

Naomi and Chris Hi, we’re Naomi and Chris. First, we’d like to acknowledge that you have a... [Read More...]

Eileen My story After years of infertility, I was unsure of my future until a... [Read More...]

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Open Adoption Tips And Information

How To Start An Adoption Profile How to Start An Adoption Profile
There's only one thing harder than finishing an adoption parent profile. That's starting it. Summing up your life is always a challenge, especially when you only have about 1,000-1,500 words to work with. But as with every long or difficult journey, this one begins with one small step. The fact... [Read More...]
thumlg_7CommonMistakes 7 Common Mistakes Hopeful Adoptive Parents Make
There's no one right way to create a prospective adoptive parent profile or go through the process. But there are many wrong ways. Here are some common mistakes waiting parents make in their journey through open adoption. 1. Taking shortcuts with counselling. No matter how committed an... [Read More...]
thumlg_HowToDealWithAFailedAdoption How to Deal with a Failed Adoption
Adoptions fail for the same reasons that they succeed: Some times they're meant to be; other times they're not. So while your immediate reaction may be to blame yourself, a better approach is to understand that you probably had nothing to do with it at all. Another way to look at it is that the... [Read More...]

Success Stories

“Of all of the many adoption websites, we found America Adopts! offered the most personalized customer service and support.  We were even happier when after only a few months, our birth mother found our online profile! “
– Lauren and Andy

“We were listed for a only month or two before we found a match through the America Adopts! website.”
– Adesina and Dave

“Without our profile, we know we wouldn’t have the family we have today. Thank you America Adopts!”
– Tracy and Micah

“Having the America Adopts! page greatly upgraded our online presence and reach. Even last week we got a expectant mom contact via the site!”
– Shana and Coco

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