Why I Don’t Celebrate Birthmother’s Day

This guest post is by Katelyn at Letters To You: A Journey Through Adoption.

Mother’s Day, for me, is a chance to celebrate the part of my life that few people know about — a part of me that is not visible to those around me. It’s a chance to sit and reflect on the love a mother truly has for her child.

It is a day that I can look to the mothers in my life and recognize what sacrifices they made. Throughout history, mothers have been blessed to raise children, but the sacrifices necessary to make that happen are astounding. Continue reading

Why My Children’s Birth Mothers Will Be Part of My Mother’s Day Celebration

This guest post is by Lindsey Redfern at The R House

When my husband and I were struggling with infertility, Mother’s Day was a dreaded day. It seemed that every word spoken in church and every ad on television was designed to drive a dagger into my childless, broken heart.

Eight years after my husband and I started the journey to have a family, I am now blessed to be the mother of two adorable, feisty, smart and loving little boys. It really is a dream come true! Continue reading

Birthmother? Adoptive Mother? Or Just Plain Mother? I’m All Three — And Proud Of It!

This guest blog is by Katelyn at My Angels From God

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Katelyn and I blog over at My Angels from God. I say “Angels” because I have had the privilege of being a birthmother to Ally, born 5/10/07, as well as an adoptive mother to Cayden, born 4/19/07, and a biological mother to Jaxson, born 3/21/11.

If you’re confused about Ally’s and Cayden’s birth dates, I’ll get to them in a sec. Suffice to say, because I wear every title of motherhood, May is always a special yet emotional month for me. Continue reading

Grieving On Mother’s Day

This guest post is by Kerstin Lindquist at KerstinLindquistQVC .

I vividly remember walking into church on Mother’s Day Sunday 2007 and watching the ushers hand out flowers to all the moms. I had lost my baby three months earlier and watching this simple, joyful exchange of single yellow carnations felt like a blow to the stomach.

I got dizzy, the air got very thin, and all I wanted to do was sit down and stop breathing. I cried silently through the entire service, leaving twice to gather myself in the bathroom. Continue reading

The Mother I Am Now, The Birthmother I Will Always Be

This guest post is by Haley, a birthmother.

I had my beautiful little girl on January 27th at 7:37 PM six years ago. That date and time is imprinted in my mind more than any other date or time from my life. I was 15 years old and at exactly 7:37 PM on January 27th, I became a mother.

I was finally holding this little girl that I had fought so hard to get here safely. I was finally holding this little girl that I had prayed constantly about. And I was finally coming to the realization that soon she would not be mine. Continue reading

Reflections On Mother’s Day By An Adoptive Mom-In-Waiting

This guest blog is by Melinda, a single hopeful adoptive parent.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Happy Mother’s Day,
I love you!

So I wasn’t the most creative poet at age 6. And I’m still not, decades later. But my mom loved my homemade cards on Mother’s Day.

This year, as a hopeful adoptive parent, I’m looking forward to getting my own handmade cards on Mother’s Day.  But as a single, Asian hopeful adoptive parent in the domestic adoption pool, I know it may be a while before I get matched. Continue reading

How I Became A Mom At Last

This guest blog is by Sharon Simons of Mom At Last. 

DNA is overrated.

As an adoptive mom I have come to realize that DNA is absolutely not what makes you a mother.

I am the proud mother through international adoption and my boys and I are bonded to the core.

Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t tell me how much my boys and I look alike and even share personalities.

The adoption option is a wonderful choice to becoming a mom. Continue reading

A Birthmother On Mother’s Day

This guest blog is by Melissa Nilsen at The Modern Mom: Living Motherhood After Adoption

“If I had two wishes, I know what they would be
I’d wish for Roots to cling to, and Wings to set me free.”
-From Roots and Wings by Denis Waitley


People have often wondered what matters more: nature or nurture. On Mother’s Day we honor mothers for the love and devotion, the nurturing they show their children.As a birthmother, I didn’t stay up at night soothing my baby back to sleep. Continue reading