The Moment I Knew I Had To Place My Baby For Adoption

This guest post is by Crystal Byrd, a birthmother.

I was 20 years old when I found out I was pregnant. When the doctor came in and told me I couldn’t believe it. I was in complete shock.

That day changed my life forever. I remember thinking, am I ready to be a mother? Am I ready to raise this sweet little spirit?

As I asked myself these questions and further evaluated my life and circumstances, I knew from the bottom of my heart that I wasn’t.

Emma’s birthfather was a drunk and abusive, and it only got worse when I was pregnant. When I was 12 weeks into my pregnancy, he threw me into a wall and started choking me.

That was the game changer. I knew at that moment that I had to leave him and place my baby for adoption. Continue reading

Watch This Adoptive Mother Surprise Her Daughter With A Wedding Gift She’ll Never Forget

Brooke Zugg’s parents always wanted a baby girl.

When they were dating, they said that if they had a little girl they would name her Brooke.

One day, more than 20 years ago, their dream came true when they welcomed Brooke into their family through adoption.

It was their second adoption. A few years earlier, they adopted a little boy named Brian.

Brooke’s mother was so grateful that when Brooke was 18 months old she wrote her daughter a special letter on a piece of her wedding dress that she planned to give Brooke on her own wedding day.

“We just want you to know how very much love and happiness you have brought to us,” she wrote. “You have made us a truly great family.” Continue reading

5 Reasons Adoptive Families Should Consider Homeschooling

This guest post is by Rachel Garlinghouse, an adoptive mother and author.

I was one of the moms who swore I would NEVER homeschool.

I, like many, considered homeschooling to be a process that isolated kids, making them increasingly socially awkward with strong aversions to mainstream society.

I also didn’t want to engage in epic battles with my kids over worksheets, handwriting techniques, and math (the subject I most despise).

Then I had an “aha moment” when my oldest daughter came home from preschool one October.

She was thrilled to report that her teacher and taught the class about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I found it odd considering Dr. King is usually most celebrated in either January (his birthday) or February (Black History Month).

The following month at parent-teacher conferences, my suspicions were proven correct.  The teacher indicated that she had taught the kids about Martin Luther (the theologian who started the Protestant Reformation).

As a mom-by-adoption to three kids, I want my kids to be proud of their racial history and their racial culture.  I want them to be confident and proud.  Continue reading

Placing My Baby For Adoption Was My Opportunity To Show My Love For Him

This guest post is by Makena, a birthmother.

Most the time, we don’t see the opportunities we can have in our lives. Some are so camouflaged that they creep up on us and catch us by surprise.

I have been given many opportunities in my life. But I’ll be honest: When I was growing up I didn’t take advantage of many of them.

I focused on myself, not on others.

Then my dad, who always told me to make every day a great day, passed away, and other people stepped up and served our family in our time of need.

That’s when I realized how much good I could do for others.

Once I started to give back and serve other people, I realized that I loved it.

Whether it was something simple like waving hello or doing a task that other people take for granted, I loved seeing another person’s face light up from a simple act of kindness.

For me, serving others was a way to show how much I loved and cared for them, without expecting anything in return.

My decision to place my son, Mason, for adoption was another way for me to serve and show my love for others, and it’s the one decision I will never regret. Continue reading