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Meet our hopeful adoptive parents.

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Angela and George
Angela and George, Michigan
Fun-loving family of three wishes to be four.
Rachel and Rob
Rachel and Rob, Arizona
We're Rachel and Rob, high school sweethearts who've been together 12-years, and we're thrilled to become parents through an open adoption.
Kyle and Thomas
Kyle and Thomas, New York
MATCHED! Thank you so much for everything, we cannot believe how quickly this all happened! 
Caroline and Josef
Caroline and Josef,
Hi, welcome to our family – We have a wonderful, joyful marriage and dream of growing our family through adoption again.
Lizzie and Chris
Lizzie and Chris,
Hello, we are Chris, Kitty and Lizzie! We're incredibly hopeful and excited to complete our family through adoption.
Jenelle and Nancy
Jenelle and Nancy, District of Columbia
We’re looking forward to giving all the love two moms, a big sister and a sweet old dog can give.
Maggie and Curtis
Maggie and Curtis, California
Adoption is our 1 st choice! We look forward to completing our family in this way.
Rachel and Bakari
Rachel and Bakari, California
We are Bakari and Rachel, a happy stable couple with a diverse family. Keep reading, we think you’ll like us.
Genevieve and Michael
Genevieve and Michael, Maryland
CONGRATULATIONS! Adopted a baby in March 2018.
Jared and Rebecca
Jared and Rebecca, Colorado
We are a loving, Christian family in Colorado, waiting to grow our family through adoption.
Mara and James
Mara and James, New York
We are a fun loving, stable, happy family of 4 who are hoping to adopt one more time to complete our family.
April and Aaron
April and Aaron, Minnesota
Every family has a story and we would love for your child to be a part of ours.
Chantal and Geoffrey
Chantal and Geoffrey,
Congratulations on your recent adoption match!
Chelsea and James
Chelsea and James, Colorado
We're James & Chelsea, fun loving couple ready to grow our family through adoption.
Joel and Oz
Joel and Oz,
Congratulations on your recent adoption!
Jen and Dom
Jen and Dom, New York
Our biggest wish is to complete our family and become parents. We’re excited to get to know you.
Sara and Chris
Sara and Chris, New York
When we dream of being parents, we dream of taking your child on long walks, smiling, laughing and getting together with family and friends.
Christine and Tom
Christine and Tom, North Carolina
We are a devoted couple that will show unconditional love to your child.
Shawn, Georgia
I'm a single mother by choice in Atlanta, with my son, Miles (adopted). I would love to discuss what you imagine an adoption relationship to look like.