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Leslie and Jason
Leslie and Jason,
New York
Renee and Collin
Renee and Collin,
Brian and Julie
Brian and Julie,
Paula and Josh
Paula and Josh,
Nicki and Joe
Nicki and Joe,
Melissa and Layne
Melissa and Layne,
British Columbia
Jenelle and Nancy
Jenelle and Nancy,
Jen and Dom
Jen and Dom,
New York
Lizzie and Chris
Lizzie and Chris,
Monica and Reggie
Monica and Reggie,
Erica and Bryan
Erica and Bryan,
North Carolina
Caroline and Josef
Caroline and Josef,
Mara and James
Mara and James,
Chantal and Geoffrey
Chantal and Geoffrey,
Christine and Tom
Christine and Tom,
North Carolina
Genevieve and Michael
Genevieve and Michael,
Kyle and Thomas
Kyle and Thomas,
New York
April and Aaron
April and Aaron,
Kari and Zack
Kari and Zack,
Rachel and Rob
Rachel and Rob,
Maggie and Curtis
Maggie and Curtis,
Carrie and Dan
Carrie and Dan,
Erin and George
Erin and George,
Jared and Rebecca
Jared and Rebecca,
Joel and Oz
Joel and Oz,