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Phone: (423) 815-1165
Where we live: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children:
Pets: Dogs (3) - Pug & 2 Lab mixes

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My husband, Austin and I are so honored to be able to share with you a little bit about our family. We hope this letter gives you an accurate picture of who we are and why we hope to grow our family through adoption.

Austin and I met at work, when we were sophomores in college. At the time, he was a patron and I was an employee, but he soon landed a job there and the rest was history. We became wonderful friends while we were employees. Because we were both pursuing our undergraduate degrees at the time, we knew a relationship would be difficult; however, we always knew we wanted to make it work. Fast forward to graduation, new careers and the opportunity to reconnect. In January of 2014, he asked me out for coffee and we spent hours catching up. We were engaged in April and married on the beach of Tybee Island in July. Three and a half years later, we are more than ready to start a family.

We are both 29, and I’ll be turning 30 in March. We are homeowners in a family friendly residential area in Tennessee. We have three dogs that we have rescued: a pug, a labradoodle and a lab mix which we love dearly. Austin has an older sister and a younger brother and I have a younger brother. We are incredibly close to our siblings, parents, and grandparents and cherish the times we are able to get together with them.

Aside from spending time with our family, we each have very unique hobbies! I teach fitness classes and love to help others become healthy. I also play the violin and enjoy listening to a variety of music. My husband and I are both avid readers. He is passionate about martial arts and just received his purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. We love to be outdoors, go hiking and play at the park with our dogs. We also love to travel and try to take at least one vacation a year. Our favorite place we’ve traveled to is Jamaica!

My husband is an accountant and I am a professor. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Kinesiology and love the opportunity to mentor young people while helping them further their education. My husband loves numbers! He’s a great problem solver. Aside from our day jobs, we believe the most important role we will have is the job of being a Mom and a Dad. Our job as parents will always take precedence over any of our other responsibilities.

We have both always had a deep desire to become parents. Early on into our marriage, we learned that we would not be able to have children without medical intervention. Despite this news, we weren’t discouraged. Rather, we knew this was God’s way of showing us that adoption was His plan for knitting our family together. We believe that every single human being was created in the image of God and we intentionally seek to embrace diversity in both word and deed. We will honor the race and heritage of any child whose ethnicity is not like our own and raise him or her to know and embrace their cultural identity, and most importantly, their identity in Christ.

We promise with all our hearts to love, guide, teach, nurture and protect any child that we have the opportunity to become parents to. While we are excited to become parents, the weight of your decision is not lost on us. Regardless of the outcome, please know that we are praying for wisdom and strength for you as you navigate this choice. We truly admire your bravery and wish you peace in all things.


Austin & Amanda