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Phone: 612-587-2510
Where we live: Champlin, Minnesota
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: None
Pets: 1 Cat (Annabelle), 1 Dog (Amelia)

Hello! We’re Aaron and April. We live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have been together for over 8 years and have had some amazing adventures together already. And now we are ready to start our next great adventure, which is to start our journey as parents! Our decision to start our family began in 2015 and after some difficulties with trying on our own, we decided that an open adoption would be our path to beginning our family. Both our families have experienced the joys and difficulties in adoption in which they, along with our friends, are our biggest support.

We cannot begin to understand how difficult your decision is, but hopefully we can help ease some of your heartache by providing enough information that you will feel comfort in knowing that we will do everything possible to provide a stable and loving home for your child and also by creating a relationship with you through an open adoption. We promise to love and cherish your child unconditionally while encouraging them to reach their dreams. We also promise that your child will always know how much you love them.

Our Story:

Our friendship started over 8 years ago when we met at work through a mutual friend. It did take us a while to go on our first date. However, once we went to that first movie together, we hit it off so well and officially started dating in 2010. Not long after in 2012, we decided to get engaged. From there we saved up and bought our house in February 2014 and tied the knot shortly after in August.

After enjoying some time together with just the two of us, we decided that we are ready to start to grow our family. Little did we know that we would be faced with the struggle of infertility, which has tested but yet strengthened our faith and marriage. We realized by going through this struggle, that there was something bigger in store for us and we believe that is adoption. So, here we are, and we couldn’t be more excited to start our family through adoption!

The Furries:

Annabelle is our sweet and gentle 5 year old tortoiseshell kitty. She loves to curl up on her laps for some snuggles and scratches under her chin Anna also loves to hang outside with us in the summer where she enjoys sun bathing and exploring the backyard.

Amelia is our soft and snuggly 3 year old Bichon-Poodle. She loves kids and pretty much all humans. Amelia loves to play fetch outside all day long if she could. She also enjoys giving tons of kisses and getting her belly rubbed.

Our Family:

Both our families are quite large and primarily located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Though we may not see our extended family as much as we would like, we do get to see our immediate families more frequently. Both our immediate families are just within driving distance from our house, which is great for quick lunch dates and visits on the weekend.

Our Home & Community:

We live in Champlin, a family friendly city in the Metro of Minneapolis. Our home is located at the end of a safe and quiet cul-de-sac where there are plenty of families with young children near by. We are also close to many local parks and excellent schools that are just within walking distance. We can’t wait for our child to join us in enjoying the many hiking trails, going to the zoo and museums, or even enjoying some time at one of the numerous beaches that our area has to offer.

April through Aaron’s eyes:

April has a big heart and is always there for our family. She is fun loving, caring and was born to be a mother. She enjoys spending time with the family, working on art projects and planning our next adventure. She loves spending time outside, whether that is going camping, kayaking on the lake or just playing with the dog outside. We love our MN summers! April is great with kids and this is evident when we are interacting with our nieces and nephews when we babysit or at a family get together. Lastly, April is a great partner and wife. She is the leader in our family and wouldn’t want it any different…

Aaron through April’s eyes:

Aaron is a caring, genuine and loving person who is always there to help out others. Whether this is helping his parents by watching their dogs or offering to babysit for his brother or sister. He is also a big kid at heart and loves spending time playing with the nieces and nephews whenever we are together with the family. Aaron also enjoys his down time at home after a long week at work but is always game for going out and doing things like bike rides, rollerblading, kayaking or even catching a movie on the weekends. I knew after our first date he was my meant to be person and when I saw him with his family I knew, and still know, that he will be a great father.

Thank You:

We understand this process can be overwhelming, so we want to thank you again for taking the time to read through our profile. We hope that by learning more about us we’ve piqued your interest and started to build a foundation of trust and respect with us.