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Phone: 877-633-5108
Years together: 4
Where we live: , New Jersey
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children:
Pets: 1 dog, 3 cats

Hi there! We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope to share our background, what we enjoy, and our beliefs with you to paint a picture of the loving, supportive, and secure home we can provide for our baby. We are excited to adopt a baby and our hearts are ready and open. We know that you are courageous because you are considering adoption and when we are blessed with a child, he or she will know this about you from the beginning.

We are married and the best of friends. We built our marriage on love, trust, and loyalty. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to be parents and share our love with a little one. After experiencing pregnancy losses, we knew in our hearts that adoption was our calling. We have so much love to give and are eager to nurture our baby and provide him or her with every enlightening opportunity the world has to offer. We own our home, are financially secure, and can meet all of our baby’s needs.

We spend most of our free time enjoying each other’s company. During summer months we love to vacation at our cabin on Lake Champlain. Relaxing by the lake, taking a canoe ride, or roasting s’mores with our nieces and nephews are favorite activities. Our dog, Sammy, joins us every step of the way and especially loves to watch the mink, turtles, fish, and bald eagles. At home, we love to barbecue and relax on our deck and patio. During winter months we can be found curled up in our living room surrounded by our pets with a fire warming the hearth. We are active and enjoy nature hikes, snow shoeing, and snorkeling. We can’t wait to have our little one explore with us and grow up frolicking in the lake and on the beach with cousins.

About Becky

I have known since I was very young that I wanted to both be a mother and devote my life’s work to helping children. I am a Doctor of Clinical Child/School Psychology. As a child psychologist, I have the skills to love, educate, and support our baby so that he or she grows to his or her fullest potential. I will have time to stay home with the baby as well as summers off to enjoy every moment of our baby’s development.

I enjoy long walks with my dog and playing with our cats. Reading and learning are my passions. I am often found snuggled up with a good book in the evenings. I appreciate fine arts and have drawn and painted since I was a child. Tending to my flowers makes me happy. Since meeting Dave, I recently began snorkeling and love the sparkling waters and beautiful sea life.

Becky (By Dave)

Becky is a loving, caring, intelligent, hardworking, loyal woman who is always up for a good-natured laugh. She adores her nieces, nephews, and pets. After an invigorating day at work, Becky values her quiet time and can be found playing Sudoku. She also enjoys being active, especially bringing Sammy to the dog park or playing her workout  video games. Becky is the kind of person people like to be around because of her outgoing and friendly nature. She accomplishes any goal she sets and strives to overcome any obstacles in her path. I am so happy that I have her as my companion and relish her every day. Becky’s nurturing nature will make her an excellent mother.

About Dave

I enjoy all genres of music, cooking, nature, and landscaping. I am the Mr. Fix-It of the house. I deeply care about our pets. We own a cabin with my brother in the Adirondacks that I have visited since I was born.  One of my favorite activities in life is to cruise on the lake in my boat, where we wakeboard, go tubing, fish, or leisurely ride along the shoreline.

I am a sales representative in the pet food industry. With our work schedules, one of us will always be home to parent our child. I believe that one of my purposes in life is to be a father and I look forward to raising and loving our child.

Dave (By Becky)

I feel so lucky to have met Dave. He is kind-hearted, intelligent, funny, and nurturing. Dave makes sure that all runs smoothly in our household. He loves the outdoors and will take every opportunity to observe birds, fish, and other wildlife. Observing Dave interact with our nieces and nephews is heartwarming. He is a playful, interactive uncle.  Dave’s innate care taking abilities, good humor, and generosity will make him the great father that he is destined to become.

We live in beautiful central New Jersey. We absolutely treasure our home, which was originally Becky’s grandparents’ house. Our house has four bedrooms and ample room for our little one to play and grow. We have a backyard to romp around in and enjoy a barbecue on a sunny day. Part of the yard includes a wooded area with a babbling brook nearby.

We live in a suburban, multicultural neighborhood with excellent schools. There is a downtown area chock full of restaurants and quaint shops. While we both own vehicles, we could easily walk to a hospital, doctors’ offices, schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, train station, and much more. There are four playgrounds, two pools, and a spray park nearby. Our neighbors are friendly and helpful. There is much to do as a family in our community and we look forward to raising our child in this small town, friendly atmosphere.

Becky’s parents reside in sunny Florida. Visiting them is a tropical vacation, enjoying sparkling beaches and Disney World. Her brother and sister-in-law live close by and we visit often for barbecues and holiday gatherings. We love having sleepovers with our nephew (7) and niece (4), playing on the playground, engaging in a spirited game of Mario Kart, and eating homemade cookies. Becky’s grandmother resides close by and is looking forward to meeting her great-grandchild.

Dave’s mother also lives locally and is always willing to lend a hand. She is a retired teacher who loves children and understands child development. She can’t wait to have another grandchild. Dave’s brother and his family live in Massachusetts. We spend time with them at the cabin over the summer enjoying our favorite family traditions, such as playing in the pristine lake with our niece (8) and nephew (5).

We are also surrounded by many other aunts, uncles, cousins, and step family members. We have a wide circle of friends who have young children of their own. We feel so fortunate to be able to raise our baby in the open, supportive arms of our family and friends.

We are so lucky to have four pets living with us! Sammy is a Jack Russell/Poodle mix. He is an affectionate, silly pup who yearns for walks and belly rubs. Sammy is intelligent and can perform all kinds of tricks. He is excellent with children and follows their lead if they want to play chase, hide and seek, go for a walk, or just snuggle.

We also have three cats. Madison is a Siamese beauty with brilliant blue eyes who loves to curl up on Dave’s lap. Jax is also Siamese and his big ears and sweet meow make him utterly adorable. Bella is our adventurous, playful black cat.  All of our pets are affectionate and good with children.

Our promise to you is to raise our baby with kindness, to nurture him or her to become a creative, independent, compassionate, educated, and successful person. As parents, we will love our baby unconditionally. Creative play will be paramount to his or her development and we will strive to maintain a healthy balance with education. We promise to read to our child, encourage creative abilities, and provide enriching life experiences to learn, grow, and thrive. We promise that he or she will learn about adoption from the beginning and will always know of the courage and love that you showed through adoption. As our child grows we are happy to stay in contact with you, but we will always be respectful of the amount/type of contact that you desire. We promise to provide our baby with a loving home, gentle pets to cuddle, a good education, and solid foundation for them to reach their fullest potential.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our profile and considering us to adopt a baby. We will always be fully aware of the greatness of the gift you have given us and forever grateful for the opportunity to be outstanding parents to a child. We welcome you into our lives and hope you will want to get to know us better.