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Phone: 888-306-1710
Years together: 4
Where we live: Leesburg, Virginia
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: Our daughter, Alyx (5 years old)
Pets: 3 Dogs - Buster, Macy and Molly

We are the ultimate match.com success story! After meeting online, we quickly realized that we were meant to be together. We had a beautiful backyard wedding a little over a year later surrounded by loving family and friends. It was a gorgeous day we will never forget! 

Alyx joined our family in 2011 through open adoption. Being parents to Alyx has been the most joyous and fulfilling thing we have ever done. We adore her and have devoted our lives to ensuring she is happy, healthy and continues to develop into a good, responsible human being. Our family is surrounded by a lot of love and we look forward to sharing this love with another child.

Cris works for the U.S. Department of State and has enjoyed living and traveling overseas, throughout the Middle East and South Asia. After 10 years of living overseas, she is now planning to spend the rest of her career in the Washington, DC area. She looks forward to coming home for dinner each night and reading to our children before bedtime.

Kat is a STAY-AT-HOME MOM and enjoys taking care of Alyx and managing our home on a daily basis. She loves bringing Alyx to music and swim lessons and on sunny days she enjoys taking Alyx to the park to play, picnic and take pictures. Kat has always had an interest in photography and has taken many great portraits of Alyx since she was born. She cannot wait to capture more memories of our next child and dreams of the day she can photograph both children playing together.

We live on a quiet cul de sac in Leesburg, Virginia—a beautiful historic town about 30 miles West of Washington, DC. We love living in Leesburg because of the sense of community, low crime rate and excellent schools. We also have amazing opportunities for cultural activities in the local area—such as the Christmas and Holiday Parade in the winter, Family Festival at the Leesburg Animal Park in the fall, the local ower and garden festival in the spring, and swimming at our local water park in the summer time. We also love that there are a lot of shops and restaurants in the historical downtown area.

Our home backs to a golf course that provides a sense of openness, green space and natural beauty. Cris loves to work on the garden and has planted beautiful owers. She and Alyx planted a fairy garden in the backyard and Alyx is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a fairy or two! She is ready to share all the fun things we do at home, like golf ball hunting in the backyard, picking owers, riding scooters up and down the street or baking with mommy.

Kat is a San Francisco Bay Area native and is a huge San Francisco Giants fan. Cris is originally from the DC area and loves watching college football and baseball, no matter which team. We very much look forward to taking our kids to a ball game at Nationals Park as the Nats take on the Giants. Cris enjoys spending lots of time outdoors mowing the lawn, landscaping and gardening while Alyx likes to be her little helper.

Camping, traveling and exploring new places is a big part of our life. We recently drove cross-country from California to Virginia, camping in our RV along the way. Spending quality time together is a priority for us, and being able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life by spending time outdoors under the stars really brings us closer together as a family.

During our travels, Kat normally has fun taking scenic pictures of beautiful landscapes while Cris enjoys reading a book by a cozy camp fire. Alyx is ready to teach a little brother or sister how to make the perfect smore

We both come from very supportive and loving families who are thrilled at the thought of us expanding our family once again. Cris has an older brother Steve who she is very close to. He and his wife Yvette live in Texas and have a 10 year old son Liam who also came into the family through adoption. Cris’ parents live nearby in Annapolis, Maryland and visit us often. Kat’s family lives in California and visits them once a year. Her older brother Ray has a 9 year old daughter, Ainsley who adores Alyx and loves playing with her when they are together. Kat also has a younger sister Aimee who she is the best of friends with.

We are blessed to have a wonderful circle of friends and coworkers who are like family to us including Alyx’s birthmother and birth grandmother! We remain in contact with them on a regular basis and visit with them once a year. Most of our friends have families of their own and are looking forward to planning play dates with our new little one.

We believe that a solid family foundation built on love and respect is very important in raising a child. We have made it our priority to ensure Alyx is given every opportunity to thrive. She is surrounded by tons of love and support from us, our family and friends and we dream of having the chance to extend this love to another child. Alyx is such a caring, smart and affectionate little girl, and we often talk about how sweet it would be to witness her sharing a sweet hug with a sibling. Love most certainly makes a family!