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Phone: 1-855-568-7947
Years together: 11
Where we live: Long Island, New York
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: Son Nicholas
Pets: dog Chewie

Hi, We’re Diana and Mike (and Nicky too), a loving family from Long Island, NY. First and foremost, We want to thank you for taking the time to stop and read our profile. Hopefully, it has put you at ease knowing that your baby will be adopted by such a loving and willing couple, who just can’t wait to be there for your child. We are looking forward to welcoming your baby to be into our family. We know that your courage and strength will lead you in making the most loving and caring decision for your baby’s future. Whatever you may choose, we hope you find peace in your decision and we wish the very best for you and your child. Your courage and determination to find a loving and caring home for your baby has led you here. Choosing adoptive parents for your baby will ensure a lifetime of love for both your child and the adoptive parents. We commend you in your decision, and look forward to welcoming your baby into our loving home with open arms.

We wish you could see ahead into the future of your baby to be. We wish we could ease your mind by knowing that we can provide the most fulfilling life for the baby that we would be blessed with. Our hopes to adopt again are not just for us but we want more than anything to give our son a sibling. We hope that you find this equally important for the baby you are carrying. We believe that children benefit all their lives by growing up with a brother or sister to love.

Our Story

We fell in love over 10 years ago. We met at a summer lifeguarding job and quickly realized the amazing connection we had. A few years later we were married, bought our home and got our puppy Chewie. Like any young couple, our dreams were big. We both love big, are adventurous, love to laugh, exude happiness and enjoy doing things together. Besides the awesome connection we share, we are fortunate to have all of the other important stuff to tie it all together. Our values and traditions are the same. We are loyal to each other, our families, our religion, and overall true to our beliefs. We make a great team. Together, we have overcome many obstacles. We have had many struggles in life and have stuck together even through the worst of times. We have learned and grown together.

Our story would not be complete without telling you about us as parents. Take every quality we each have and magnify it by 100! Being parents has brought out the best in us. It has given us more joy and happiness than we ever could have imagined. Together, we have become a family and have shared everything with our son. First and foremost, our life is centered on our family. We appreciate every moment we have and take advantage of every opportunity life has to offer. We are blessed with lots of friends and family. We do day trips, family vacations and have taken our son to Disney twice! We dress up for Halloween, have barbecues, go out on our boat, and enjoy camping, fishing and skiing. We love to have fun and now more than ever with our little man by our side, everything is better. We can’t wait to have another little one right by his side.

Mike’s Thoughts about Diana

Diana is a warm, caring and loving individual and the best mother I have ever known. When we were blessed with our son, she fit the role perfectly as I always knew she would. She is a natural mother and has an amazing ability to connect on every level with our son. She is free spirited and loves to enjoy life to the fullest and she shares that sense of fun and adventure with our little boy. She is a highly educated, strong woman. Her ability to teach comes naturally and she makes learning fun for our son and for all the children she teaches. She works with kids of all abilities and tailors everything to each child’s individual learning needs. Her family and friends never hesitate to lean on Diana when they need a hand with anything or if their child has a problem with their education, Diana is always there to answer the call. Diana really is a child magnet. At every family event or social gathering, children flock to her immediately. Her motherly instinct is the greatest I’ve ever seen, and I love watching her be a Mommy to our little boy. Diana is also the best caretaker of our dog Chewie, always making sure that he has whatever he needs. The day that we became parents was the happiest day of our life and we can’t wait to share our love with another little bundle of joy. My wife is my best friend, always there when I need her, in serious times and silly times just the same. Diana’s free spirit allows her to always see a way, always have an answer, and she never gives up. These qualities will be shared with our children, enabling them to be the best that they can be.

Diana’s Thoughts about Mike

Mike is a pillar of strength, loyalty and dedication and the best Dad ever! He is dependable. His family, friends and colleagues can always count on him. He is hilarious, silly and fun and he is passing those qualities on to our little boy. They have so much fun together. Our son absolutely adores his Daddy. Mike has a great sense of adventure and he loves playing, exploring, learning and traveling and sharing those qualities with our son. He is ambitious to try new things and is open minded. Mike loves to entertain our family and friends. He loves to be surrounded by our son and all the little nieces, nephews and friend`s children as he entertains them, makes them laugh and gives them great advice. He is hard working and is always willing to go above and beyond to better our lives. He is a very supportive husband and I can’t wait to see the love in his eyes as he would welcome a new baby to our family.

Our Journey

Adoption is a calling. No one can tell why birthmothers are chosen to give life and people like us are unable to bear children. It’s a story that starts with despair and ends with hope and new beginnings. The beauty lies in the connection between a birthmother and the adoptive parents. A perfect pairing that cannot be explained. You will know it as much as we do. It is somehow written in the stars. A baby is given a new life. A life where they are wanted more than one could ever imagine.

We had many years of trying absolutely everything in the hope of having a baby. It is all we ever wanted. I never knew why after dedicating my life to caring for children, we couldn’t bear our own. It was life’s biggest disappointment to say the least. I never understood it until we were blessed by the miracle of adoption with our son. It changed everything for us. We began to see things in a different light. We started to realize that adoption was God’s plan for us. The plan was not for us to birth our own children but for us to find the connection in the world to the ones that were meant to be ours. A perfect fit!

We have been so blessed by the birth of our son. Is seems as though our feet haven’t touched the ground since the phone rang telling us he was born. His birthmother has made our dreams come true and blessed us in unimaginable ways.

Becoming adoptive parents is by far the best thing we have ever done and we want nothing more than to do it again. We hope to complete our family and give our son a sibling he can grow with and love forever and always. Just as I am sure that our first adoption was ordained, I am sure that when you make your decision you will feel that our home was written in the stars for your baby.

We hope for Nicholas to one day become a big brother. We would love to grow our family once again through adoption and bring home a little baby sister or brother.