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Years together: 12 (15 years since we first met and 12 years since we married)
Where we live: , New York
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: 1
Pets: No


1. Where do we live?
– We live in a safe and family friendly neighborhood in the suburbs of the New York City.

2. What do we do?
– We are research scientist and software engineers and we both work at the same company, which is well known in the industry.

3. Why are we adopting?
– We have a biological son, who is the love of our lives. We can have more biological children, yet we have decided to expand our family through adoption. Adoption is a 25 year old dream that we would like to pursue. We are passionate to have our next child by adoption.

4. How do we treat our children?
– We promise that we will do our very best as parents. We want your child to have a happy life and we will do anything we can to help them reach their goals and make their dreams come true. Our children will be loved unconditionally and cherished by every fiber of our being.

5. How do we discipline our children?
– We will use the same techniques we have used for our son so far: 1) Never ever spank, slap or use ANY kind of physical punishment, 2) Talk a lot about good and bad choices, even when angry about something they have done; it might seem that they do not care, but they will understand our words and will avoid the bad choices over time, 3) Show the desired behaviors by example: we have noticed that at the end of the day, our son copies what we really do and it is simpler if we just behave well and he will copy automatically!

6. How much do we want to update you?
– As much as you want! We can send you photos or videos every month, or even every week. We want to assure you that your child is happy and healthy in their loving family.

Introduction Letter


It is so nice to meet you, even if it is on web to start. We are Elham, Roozbeh and Haamoon. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.

We hope that this profile helps you see what kind of family we are and how much love we hope to share with another baby one day. We also hope that getting to know us will give you some peace with what we can only imagine is not only a very important decision, but also not an easy one. What we do know is that you are making your choice out of love for your baby.

Whatever you decide, please know that you have our respect, now and always. We support whatever you feel is best and we admire your strength and courage during this time.

Thinking of you,
Elham, Roozbeh and Haamoon

Family Facts

– We promise lots of pictures, text messages and updates (unless you become tired of too many updates!)
– We promise that we will do our very best as parents, as we have done our best so far
– We want your child to have a happy life and we will do anything we can to help them reach their goals and make their dreams come true
– Our children will be loved unconditionally and cherished by us, always and at any conditions
– You are a part of your child and if you choose us as her adoptive parents, you will be a part of us too and will always be
– We will honor and respect you in our home, always!
– We will make sure that your child knows that her birth parents have made their decision with all of their hearts
– She will grow up to know that you made the hardest decision so that she could have everything you wanted for your baby
– We have a network of adoptive families and our children have the opportunity to grow among other adoptees

Our Story

We first met about 15 years ago, when we were both at college. After three years of being friends, we realized how much we enjoy each others’ company and made it official when we started dating. It didn’t take us long to plan our wedding after getting engaged – we knew we wanted to be together. The next twelve years saw us go to grad school, start our careers and then came our amazing son, Haamoon.

We love cooking. Each of us has his/her own style and our son loves to join us in the kitchen. He is actually quite helpful and loves to see the final results of his efforts. Haamoon also loves grocery shopping… not only is he involved in our family’s chores, but he gets to pick what he wants to eat as long as he is picking some healthy stuff!

During the weekends, when the weather is nice, we enjoy hiking and walking in the trails together. When the weather is hot or cold, we go to indoors and walk around and keep ourselves entertained and active. Many of the weekend days end with a family cooking and many of them end up with having friends or neighbors at our home.

We do something together every day after work. Sometimes we visit our families and sometimes we go to the playground and meet the neighbors; Haamoon is quite a sociable boy and loves to play with his friends. We also love going for family walks together.

Our love towards adoption started way before we had Haamoon. Adoption has been a dream of ours for many many years; it might sound strange but we have always felt that this is the way we were meant to grow our family. We believe that if we can have unconditional love towards all children, why not welcome a baby into our home and cherish him/her? Haamoon’s birth made us even more certain that we want to pursue our dream of adopting a baby and share this home with a new member of the family.

The first time we decided to adopt, was in 2006 (yes, more than ten years ago). First, we had to wait to be old enough to be eligible. Then we looked into international adoption but soon learned that the waiting list to adopt a baby was over ten years. When we recently began the process of renewing all of our adoption paperwork, our social worker suggested that we consider adoption right here in the USA. And then it hit us, why don’t we adopt here from home?

We have waited for a very long time to grow our family and we are determined more than ever about wanting to do this through adoption. Over the years, we have tried to look into the process (and the emotions that come with it) as much as possible and we are ready to share our love with a new baby.

Our lives will be dedicated to these two kids and we will give them all that we have – not just material things, but our unconditional love and support. We want our kids to follow not only their interests and dreams, but also their own religious or spiritual paths and we respect their choices. Whatever their paths are, we expect them to have open hearts, have moral values, respect other people and be helpful to others (well… we’re not asking too much!).

About Elham (in Roozbeh’s words)

Elham is the mom who is not only caring, but also fun. Somehow, she manages to make sure our lives and home run smoothly and she makes it look easy (I am not fully sure how). She is the glue that holds our family together and makes sure we are all having a good time in the process.

Elham is the one in the family who makes things work easier through her wit and jokes. Even when things get tough, we can always count on her to crack a joke and put things back in perspective. The rest of us usually follow her lead and before we know it, a rough situation is resolved.

Elham has a very successful career as a Research Scientist. She is persistent when it comes to reaching her goals – when she sets out to accomplish something, she keeps moving forward very slowly and gradually and reaches her goals one by one, without missing a beat (like her half marathon where she tirelessly jogged for months, starting off slowly, to prepare for the race and she ended up finishing her race in a pretty good time!)
I see my wife as a wonderful role model; she is the perfect balance of easy going and goal driven, serious and light hearted, and caring and nurturing.

Whenever Elham has some time to herself, she loves to jog and swim. She also likes to go shopping by herself and always come back home with something for the family and one small gift for Haamoon.

About Roozbeh (in Elham’s words)

The first day I met Roozbeh, I was most drawn to his sense of humor. He has always been very funny and at the same time, a man of integrity. Roozbeh has not only been my husband, but also my closest friend. He is someone on my side in life, be it family, my passions and my career. He is a person who I always trust and I know it wouldn’t go wrong if I follow his advice. He is definitely a man of family who loves to keep us busy – we can always count on fun weekend plans as Roozbeh loves to plan family activities for us!

Roozbeh loves including Haamoon not only in our daily lives but also in our social life. Haamoon has become quite the sociable little boy these days and is always happy to be around other people. He plays so nicely with his friends and even children we meet at the park who he is meeting for the first time. I am happy we chose to raise Haamoon this way because going out as a family (whether for dinners in a restaurant or on a family vacation), is very easy and enjoyable.

One of Roozbeh’s favorite activities is to take Haamoon swimming – these two have so much fun together!

When Roozbeh has some time to himself, he likes to go to our local coffee shop and write – he says it feels good to get things on paper! One of the topics he has written about a lot lately is adoption.

He also likes to stay active – his favorite sports are fencing and badminton.

Our Home

We live in a suburb of New York, which is very family oriented and is known for having some of the best schools in the state. We live in a small neighborhood where everyone is warm and friendly. Our house is in a no outlet part of the neighborhood, which makes it perfect for the kids to play and safely enjoy the outdoors. We are within short walking distance from our elementary school, public library, playgrounds and the community pool.

Our house has three bedrooms on the second floor (one already assigned to the new member of the family), a front and a back yard. We love sharing our family meals in the kitchen or in the dining room where we can talk about our days and of course, Haamoon is usually telling jokes. We also have a year-round Christmas tree in the living room (it got to the point where we asked ourselves, why not just keep it up all the time?!)

We love to entertain friends and family in our house. They are always welcome in our place. We once invited Haamoon’s entire preschool class (including their families!) and his teachers. Originally, we counted on half the people accepting our invitations but to our surprise, everyone came and we had over 40 people over. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time!

We have a cozy backyard where we like to relax and hang out together. We work on the garden and Haamoon enjoys drawing with chalk on the ground and making bubbles in the air. When the weather is nice and warm, we try to eat our dinner on the back deck and play music through our speaker (as we all have different tastes in music, we have made agreements on whose Spotify playlists are to be played at each time!).