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Years together: 8
Where we live: Baltimore, Maryland
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: None
Pets: Dulci, a sweet dog

We are Genevieve and Michael, and this is our story.  The day our relationship began we knew we were meant to be together for a lifetime!  Right from the start, we shared the same values and goals.  Even our family and friends instantly noticed how harmonious we were together; we get to completely be ourselves. 

Working together, we started looking for a house in Baltimore, MD to purchase and a year later found one.  We spent the next two years renovating it together.  After completing the renovations we became the proud owners of a lovely 4-unit rental building.  This was a very successful entrepreneurial adventure as we continue to live for free while the three tenants pay the mortgage!

We married shortly after we finished the renovations.  It was a beautiful open-air service, beside a large pond on a tree-filled property that had been in Michael’s family for generations.

Once married, we turned our attention to completing our family with a child.  Adoption was part of the plan from the beginning.  Genevieve had uterine cancer when she was 26 years young; as a result of her treatment she is unable to carry or give birth to a child.  Genevieve has now been cancer free for 13 years and strong, and our desire to love a child continues to grow!  We are very excited to create an amazing family through adoption. 

Over the last few months we have gathered our documents and received the wonderful news that our home study has been approved.  We look forward to having a baby to share in our abundance of love.

Genevieve works for the Malaria Research Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  She manages and coordinates international research efforts to eliminate malaria on the planet.  She’s not a scientist, but she ensures that the researchers have the resources they need to get their jobs done.

Michael works for da Vinci by Design, a company that he started to import architectural products from Italy.  He visits architects, designers and builders, insuring that the stairs, windows, railings and doors are built to their specifications; a few times a year he gets to travel to Italy to coordinate with the manufacturers.  Michael is also a food-tour guide, part-time, “just for fun”; he enjoys leading small groups around Baltimore, serving people local history and good food from a number of restaurants.

Genevieve was born and raised in Houston, TX.  She studied Government, Business and Communication at the University of Texas in Austin, TX; she later earned masters degrees in both Public Health and Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  She has a brother who lives in Los Angeles, CA; her parents now live outside of Austin, and she’s very close with them.  We both look forward to those occasions when her entire family gets together.

Michael comes from a large family.  He has two brothers and two sisters as well as a younger brother who died at 22.  His parents and all families but one live in the Philadelphia, PA area.  He has thirteen nieces and nephews, and we see them once a month or so.  We are close with his family and enjoy the times we get together.  He graduated from the US Military Academy in West Point, NY and spent his time in the Army as a paratrooper, based in Vicenza, Italy.  After serving in Iraq, he left military service and worked for a few large corporations before creating a niche with his small, import company.

Now, Genevieve and Michael manage their property, do their jobs, care for an eleven-year-old rescue dog, Dulcinea (“Dulci” for short), and enjoy their extended families together.  Genevieve loves yoga and just completed a 100-hour teacher training for Kundalini Yoga.  Michael joins her for yoga once or twice a week and also enjoys running.  He especially enjoys running along trails in the woods and getting some nature in with his workout!  We both enjoy cooking and eating the results together! Michael makes an amazing chocolate mousse, whipping it together in just 26 minutes!

What is really special about our relationship is that we choose not to let any issue or problem get in the way of our love.  We communicate well, and when we have a misunderstanding we work through it until it is complete.  We also participate in an awesome organization called Couples Coaching Couples; just as the name implies we coach and get coached by another couple on the phone each week.  We find that this commitment keeps deepening our relationship and helps us to build the best possible partnership!

We are so very excited to welcome a baby into our family.  We welcome a child from any culture and would love either a girl or a boy.  Our home and hearts are ready to accept a child and we are prepared to do whatever is needed to care for a son or daughter as they grow up in our family.  We are open to any type of adoption and look forward to speaking with you soon.