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Phone: (804) 214-6399
Where we live: , Virginia
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children:
Pets: 10 year old Cockapoo, Henry

Hello there, 

We promise to raise your baby with so much love. We promise to do our best to show them a life they deserve! We promise to value them, support them, and help them grow into the best person they could dream of being. We will do everything we can to give them every opportunity possible in life. The opportunity to grow, love, have fun, succeed, and follow their dreams!

We’re pursuing adoption to start the family we’ve always dreamed of. We are a same-sex couple and have thought from the beginning that we would adopt a child together. We have an unbelievable amount of love to give! Our child will grow up in a loving, nurturing home full of fun, laughter, and crazy good food.  

Here’s a look into our lives to give you an idea of who we are as a family  —

Hannah is energetic, funny, and full of passion and creativity. She’s a graphic designer (and an entrepreneur). In her free time she loves to make art, garden, and bake cakes. She’s also very athletic and enjoys yoga, running, and skiing every winter. 

Jade is adventurous, caring, and fun. She has been surfing all over the world and has taught most of her friends and family how to surf. She loves to play the guitar and hopes to start a family band one day. She’s passionate about putting healthy food on the table every night, and she loves recreating elaborate meals from places we’ve traveled together. 

We both have big families that live nearby. We love spending quality time together — whether it’s to throw a pizza party by the pool, celebrate holidays and birthdays with fun family traditions, spend the day at an amusement park, or just eat a big meal together just because! And best of all, we have a family beach house where we get to spend all summer together surfing, playing ping pong, hanging out in the pool, and eating fresh seafood! 

We own our own business, so sometimes we’ll work from the beach or even abroad. We’ve worked from Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Sayulita. That has been the most fun part about owning a tech startup — it allows you to work from wherever you desire! We have worked very hard to get to this point, and now we are lucky enough to say we truly have financial freedom. 

As amazing as our life is, we know it’s not complete without a family. We are *so* ready to share these experiences with our kids!! And, we are open to an open adoption, or whatever feels right for the both of us! 

We hope you will consider us! We are hard working, fun loving, and are so in love together.  We can’t imagine feeling more in love, but we know that moment will come as soon as we start our family. <3