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Phone: 708-320-8485
Years together: 4
Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: n/a
Pets: Dog

Thank you for checking out our site. We know that adoption is a big decision for you. We can’t even imagine, but thank you for even considering us.

Harris and Clayton are a happily married couple who has talked about raising a child since very early in our relationship. We are extremely fortunate to have successful careers and be financially secure. We are grateful for this good fortune everyday and are more than happy to pay for your expenses during your pregnancy. Clayton is also lucky to be able to take a break from work to be able to stay at home with the baby full time and be a hands-on dad.

Harris and Clayton have been approved to adopt and have an up-to-date, valid home study.

We know that you know what’s best for your baby. Thanks for letting us share a bit about ourselves.

We went on our first date four years ago. We know you’re not supposed to talk about religion, exes, or wanting to raise a family, but we did anyway. We started off four years ago being completely honest with each other, and lucky for us that continues to this day. Last year, we celebrated our love by inviting our families and dearest friends to our wedding. Harris’s family came from all over Europe and Clayton’s from the Midwest. We had two things on our wedding wish list: allow our families to get to know each other and make the whole week a fun time for all the children in our family. We’re lucky to have so many nieces and nephews to spoil. Don’t tell anyone, but we’re definitely the favorite uncles.

Clayton moved to the city from a farm in Ohio to become an actor. He put all his effort into pursuing his dream and ended up on a couple TV shows and in some movies, music videos, and commercials. But there was something missing. Clayton likes learning, thinking, writing, and nurturing as much as he does being creative. He went back to school to earn a Ph.D. in theater and a Master’s of Science in Education to become a teacher. He now teaches at both a high school and local college. He is extremely patient and caring with his students. He treats each as an individual and enjoys helping students discover new interests and challenge themselves to learn and improve. In his free time, he likes to tend to the backyard and travel with Harris. He knows it may sound strange, but he also really likes taking out the garbage.

Harris moved to the city from Florida, but he was born and raised in Europe. Harris and Clayton visit both places during the holidays to be with Harris’s family. Harris moved to the city to get is MBA degree and start his business career. He quickly moved up the ranks and is now the boss at a busy office. He is an honest and caring boss, and his employees respect and like him very much. Harris enjoys exploring the city and traveling with Clayton. They have been to Germany, Italy, Croatia, and Mexico together. Harris also likes to keep the house tidy and spend some quiet time there. The deal is that Clayton does all the cooking and Harris does all the dishes. Harris and Clayton live in a large house with a beautiful backyard. We also have the cutest little dog named Tarzan. He is cuddly and knows a lot of tricks. We love to entertain in the backyard when it gets warm, and we are active members of our block association that brings the neighborhood together. We live on a tree-lined street with many young families.

We hope this gives you a sense of who we are, but we’d really like to talk to you too. We are easy to talk to and won’t pressure you into anything. We can also just give you some more information about the adoption process or try to help you find some resources. We can cover your pregnancy expenses quickly. Thanks for visiting our site, and thanks from the bottom of our hearts if you are considering us to raise your baby.