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Years together: 6
Where we live: Durham, North Carolina
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: Lilyann-5, Shiloh-2
Pets: Dogs-Gemma and Henry

We just want to tell you a little about us! We have been married for over six years. We have two beautiful biological children and we are looking forward to having our family grow! Before we were married, we talked about how we would like a large family and we knew that adoption would have a play in that process.

Killen loves to read, watch soccer, and do landscape photography. Holly loves to exercise, play basketball, kayak, compete in obstacle course races and play outside. Lily is 5 and loves books, art projects, and playing with her sister. Shiloh is almost 3 and loves to play with toys, play with our 2 dogs, and loves to follow her big sister. As a family we love to camp, hike, fish, visit fairs/festivals, visit the coast and watch movies.

Killen grew up in Arizona with his parents and older brother. He was involved in scouts all through his youth. He was home schooled which gave him the opportunity to travel with his family throughout the country and even visit Australia! Killen was a missionary for our church in Italy and can still speak some Italian. Killen received his Bachelors in Business from the University of Arizona. After Holly and Killen were married, Killen went back to school to receive his MBA from the University of North Carolina. He now works as a Product Manager for IBM.

Holly is the youngest of 4 children and is a small town/country girl at heart. She lived in a tiny town in Idaho until she was 15. She then moved to another small town in Nebraska. She was involved in sports growing up and enjoyed competing in high school. She then attended BYU-Idaho where she received a Bachelors in Sociology. After she graduated, she moved to Arizona where she worked for non-profits supporting women suffering from domestic violence and providing aid to families with young children in at-risk situations. Killen and Holly met in Tucson Arizona. After being friends for almost a year, Killen and Holly finally started dating. They were married in Arizona and continued living there for a year before moving to North Carolina for Killen to continue his schooling. Now Holly is doing her favorite job she has had of being a stay at home mom to Lily and Shiloh.

We love our neighborhood. We have a very family friendly neighborhood. We have a public library within a 10 minute walk, which offers various kid and family programs. We have a playground that the kids love to play on, especially the jungle gyms and swings. We have a pool and kiddie pool where the kids love to play during the hot summer months. We have a neighborhood lake about a block away from our house where Holly frequently takes the girls kayaking. We have a very family friendly Home Owners Association which has various family friendly activities.

After we had our two girls and we were ready for another child, we knew that it was time to adopt. Whatever situation you are in, we recognize that it is a difficult decision when deciding about what would be best for your children. This is why we have complete respect and admiration for birth parents because we recognize that they are sacrificing so much in order to make a better life for their child. We are a loving family, financially stable, we have two dogs, and a house. Whether born or unborn, biological or adopted, we have unconditional love for all our kids.