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Phone: 7579956327
Where we live: Chesapeake, Virginia
Our neighborhood: Rural
Other children: 1, biological daughter
Pets: 1, black lab

Thank you for considering us as a possible family for your child. We are Ricky, Jackie and Emma. We admire and respect your courage and strength as you make an adoption plan for your child.

We are a married couple with a five year old biological daughter. We have been together over six years. Emma was nothing short of a miracle as Jackie learned in her very early twenties that conceiving and carrying a child would be very unlikely. We have been blessed every day since we welcomed our daughter in March 2013. We started trying to grow our family when Emma was around the age of 1, after years of unsuccessful fertility treatments and a lot of discussions between us, we felt called to adoption.

A little about Ricky

I was born in Lima, Peru and I am fluent in English and Spanish, which I teach to our daughter and plan to do the same with our next child. I am a big sports fan, and love all Washington D.C. sports teams, Redskins, Nationals, Wizards and Capitals. I attended Penn State University and now work for a large telecommunications company where I have been for over 10 years. I am very close to my family and have 2 brothers. Since my mom lives about 3 hours away, we have Sunday morning phone calls every weekend. I have 3 nieces and 1 nephew whom Emma loves visiting and playing with. I love being a father, and I look forward to the daddy/daughter dates with Emma. We laugh a lot, and play hide and seek, sing in the car, and paint a lot.

A little about Jackie

I was born in Norfolk, VA and have 2 brothers and a sister. My family lives within minutes of our home and visits often. I am also a sports fan, though most of my teams differ from Ricky. I am a Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Washington Wizards fan. I am an Associate Director for a non-profit Association Management firm where I have been for over 3 years. I am close to my family as well and have 5 nieces that live just minutes away. Emma and I have mommy/daughter dates often and love to snuggle up and watch Disney movies together.

About Our Life

We live in a quiet neighborhood with other kids. Our home has 4 bedrooms, one we have converted into a playroom on the first floor. We have a fenced in yard with a playground and during the warmer months, we like to cook out on the grill and watch Emma play on her playground. We have a black lab named Skye who loves to run around the back yard and we play fetch with her. She is a little over a year old and she is very sweet. We like to find family activities we can all do most weekends, and currently we spend our Saturday mornings at Emma’s gymnastics class. We attend a Catholic Church as Ricky was raised Catholic. We take a family vacation every year, and we plan to continue those in the future as well. We have taken Emma to Hawaii, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina so far. We have date nights every few months to allow us time to bond alone, and Emma always loves spending time with her cousins or grandparents when we do. We attend Emma’s school functions (she is in Pre-K) and plan to enroll our future child at the same school when the time is appropriate. We consider ourselves pretty easy going, and have been preparing ourselves for life as a family of 4 instead of just 3.

Our Hopes for the Future

We are very excited and hopeful about growing our family through adoption. We have started having talks with Emma about her new baby brother or sister and she cannot wait to help get everything ready for the baby to come home. We plan to raise our new child with love, and understanding that there may be cultural education we will need to take part in should we not share the same backgrounds. We both plan to take time off from work to get adjusted with the new child, as well as making adjustments to our daily routines. We are open to various lines of communication in the future, depending on what you may feel comfortable with. Both of our families are very excited about us growing our family, and cannot wait for it to happen. Although we haven’t met yet, we hope this gave you a glimpse into our lives. We love being parents more than anything in the world. It has taught us both a love and understanding we never could have imagined.