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Phone: 970-462-7814
Where we live: Grand Junction, Colorado
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children:
Pets: 2 Ducks and 1 Cat


Thank you for considering us as parents for your precious baby. We know this is a hard decision, the hardest of your life. We pray that God will comfort and guide you through this process. We were married in 2005 and after infertility, we have choosen to grow our family through adoption. Our love for each other has grown through our support for one another in this waiting process. We are excited to see God at work in the next chapter of our lives and to share our love with a child.

About Us

Christ is the foundation or our marriage and has been since we met in 2004. We both value our faith and education; we plan to teach our children to value these same things in life as well. We are both college graduates and professionals in our chosen careers. Jared is a Chief Engineer for a local radio station group, and Rebecca is a Special Education Teacher. We are both in our mid 30s.

We cannot tell you what our family will look like in 10 years; our family does not look like what we thought it would look like today, but we can tell you what we hope our family will look like when we have children. Currently Rebecca is working full time, but we plan for her to be a stay-at-home mom and to homeschool our children. Both of us, having attended both public school and homeschool, value education and want the best opportunities for our children. We want to instill in our children the values we want them to have such as repect, patience, forgivness, and most of all love. Children are very important to us. Rebecca teaches Sunday School and both of us volunteer for Awanas at our church. 

About Our Family

Our families are very excited for us to adopt. Rebecca loves to cook with her mom and brother for major holidays, a tradition she looks forward to sharing with our children. We host Thanksgiving at our house and spend Christmas with whom ever we can, the more friends and family, the more fun! Rebecca’s brother lives near by. He is very excited to be an uncle and expects to be a part of our children’s lives from the very beginning. Rebecca’s parents have a home in town where they often come to vacation for weeks or even months at a time. Jared’s dad goes skiing with us each year. He is the one who introduced Jared to Scottish Games and we like to go to these with him when we can. Jared’s mom is a retired teacher who has fun playing with kids. She also would share her love for classic movies with our kids. We spend holidays and many vacations with our families.

About Our Pets

We have a cat and 2 ducks. Our cat is Lil’ Mac. He was born in the fall of 2017. It is so much fun playing with him! Mac likes to play with us, he even taught us to play fetch. He is great with other people and would love to have another family memember to play with.  The ducks, Corn and Jalepeno, live in the backyard. We have had them since 2011 when we picked them up from the hatchery. They like to swim and hunt for bugs. It is very entertaining to watch the ducks hunting crickets and flying bugs. We both grew up with pets and look forward to sharing our love of animals with our kids.

About Our home

We live in a 2 story ranch home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. We have several garden beds and a fruit tree. We have many nice neighborhood parks just a few blocks away. The town we live in has many amendties of a larger community, but still feels small. We have a university, several hopsitals, a ski area, a thriving downtown, and even a minor league baseball team. We are members of a local Bible-believing church where we worship and serve regularly. Most of our friends are having children, so there will be lots of friends ready to love and accept our child. 

About Jared

Jared is a very caring person. He is always willing to help others when needed. Jared plays games with the kids at our church’s Awana, children’s ministry, each week. One of his interests is Ham radio and no surprise with such a technical background! Jared likes shooting sports as well; he enjoys Skeet, Sporting Clays, and 5- stand with shotguns. Jared also likes to play video games. He prefers console games from the old 8-bit up to Nintendo Switch. Among his favorites are Mario Kart, Zelda, and Dragon Warrior. Jared comes from a Scottish and Irish heritage and he’s proud to wear his kilts. Going to some of the Scottish games and gatherings are a time when he and his family can gather and celebrate their heritage together. Jared grew up in a Christian home and has been a believer since 5 years old.

About Rebecca

Rebecca helps with both Awanas and Children’s Church at church. She plays with our friends’ kids and is always willing to help out with the kids. Rebecca’s favorite part of her job is the kids. She loves to play with them and listen to their stories. Rebecca enjoys gardening. She learned how to garden from her mom when she was growing up and believes this is an important skill to learn. She likes to cook and preserve the fruits of her labor.  Rebecca really likes music, every year she sings in an Easter choir. She also plays the piano, but not as well as she would like. Rebecca likes to listen to music of many types: classical, rock, alternative, etc.  Rebecca very much enjoys sewing and other crafts. She crochets and knits with yarn, tatts and cross-stitches with thread, and sews and quilts with her sewing machines. Some of her favorite times with her mom are spent sewing and quilting.

Our Plans

As Christians, we are all adopted into the family of God. Genetics should have no bearing on the love parents have for their children. People often ask us, “At what age would you tell your children they were adopted?” Our answer has always been, “if they are old enough to ask, it is too late to tell them.” We plan to have books about adoption and make adoption a part of our family story from the beginning. We hope this will include ongoing contact with our children’s birthparents.

We pray that God will give you peace and wisdom as you make this decision.

Jared and Rebecca