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Phone: (800) 477-4922
Years together: 12
Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: No
Pets: 2 cats: Oliver & Sophie

We are so glad you are here! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We cannot wait to welcome a child into our lives and have so much love to give. When the time feels right, please be in touch. We are excited to get to know more about you!

Our Story

Our first date was a little over twelve years ago. Although we had lots of mutual friends, we actually met through a dating website. As we talked, it quickly became apparent that we had a connection. It’s probably not the typical question to ask on a first date, but “Do you plan to have children someday?” actually came up that night. Fortunately, the answer for both of us was, “Yes!”

Although we established early on that adopting a child was definitely in our future, we knew that we had to spend more time together, really getting to know each other and experiencing life as a couple. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel frequently, spend time with our families, establish our careers and create our home. There have been tons of adventures, laughs, and fun times. We’ve also learned to honor, respect and care for each other during difficult times. Through all our experiences, our bond has continued to grow stronger. We have formed a solid foundation and are truly ready to be parents.

We were engaged several years ago, but are waiting to have our wedding. It is important to us that our child be at our sides as we pledge to spend the rest of our lives together. We are committed to each other and will be equally committed as parents.

We cherish the time we spend with our nieces, nephews, and our friends’ children. We frequently talk to each other about the kind of parents we aspire to be, and are hopeful that we will have a child to complete our family someday soon.

About Jeff

I was born in Wisconsin, but spent only a couple of years there before my family and I moved to Spain; perfect timing to become bilingual! We later moved to Portugal, Florida, and Ohio, where I spent my high school years. Growing up, I had always been drawn to performing, so when it came time to choose a college, the one thing I knew was that it had to be in New York City. After graduation, I spent several years as an actor, but ultimately realized I’d be happier on the other side of the table. I’m now a stage manager working on Broadway.

A Few Words About Jeff from Mark

I first met Jeff from a relationship / dating site online over a decade ago. And while I was reluctant to try the online dating scenario, I was grateful that I did when I first met him. Jeff’s honest nature, positive outlook and straight forwardness was refreshing in a city where there can be an agenda with every one you meet. He was genuine, and I was instantly drawn by how he knew what he wanted for his future and wasn’t afraid to dive deep in a caring manner.

Over the years, as our relationship continues to develop, I’ve become aware of other characteristics that make me love him even more. Jeff’s sensitivity and care of others is a beautiful thing. He’s always looking out to make sure everyone is taken care of in a group setting, goes above and beyond for friends and family, and has a fantastic sense of humor that can be prone to spontaneous dance parties when things get too intense or serious. No doubt, these are the very same qualities that make him so successful with what he does in his work. As a stage manager, Jeff is able to navigate structure and play beautifully during rehearsals. I saw this for myself when we first had the opportunity to work together over a year ago.

I’ve also seen how he is towards his sisters children, which is truly remarkable. Jeff is kind, empathic, and has a way of instilling values in a very entertaining and playful way with the kids. Ive seen how the relationship with their Uncle Jeff has grown immensely and how they light up when they are around him which is a beautiful thing. I feel lucky to have found such a great partner, and I look forward to seeing all the ways in which our relationship continues to grow.

About Mark

I grew up in the suburbs of Houston, the youngest of three children. Although I was a little shy as a kid, I had always loved the arts and found my first true calling in theater. Having spent my whole life in Texas, I was eager to branch out and headed to upstate New York for college. I moved to New York City shortly after graduating and have lived here ever since. I’ve been lucky enough to appear in ten Broadway shows and, in addition to performing, also teach acting and meditation.

A Few Words About Mark from Jeff

The thing that most struck me when I met Mark was how absolutely humble he was. He had a been in quite a few Broadway shows at that point and never said anything about it. Instead of making sure I knew of all his accomplishments, and there were many, he spent time listening. That was my first sign that this guy was a keeper!

Two of Mark’s most remarkable qualities are his commitment and drive.  He puts his entire heart and soul into the things he loves. In addition to his acting career, over the past several years Mark has discovered two new passions: teaching and meditation. He started out as an acting teacher. Then, realizing the extraordinary changes meditation had made in his life, he embarked on an intensive year and a half course, including some time in India, so he could pass on those same positive effects to his students.

Mark is very dedicated, but that doesn’t mean that he’s all business.  He definitely knows how to have fun.  He is always in tune with, and sensitive to what the people around him need.  If it looks like one of his acting classes is getting too intense, he might just decide it’s time for everyone to drop everything, put on a wig and have a lip-sync contest. Yep, he’s always full of surprises. I’ve been lucky enough to observe a couple of these classes and been blown away by how much his students adore him. Seeing the care, energy and love he puts into each and every one of them only confirms what I already know: Mark will be one amazing father.

Our Family

We’re lucky to have incredibly supportive families who can’t wait to welcome our child with open arms and hearts. They mostly live in Texas, Florida, and Chile, ensuring lots of fun vacations and beach time! Visit our album to see just some of the amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins our child will call family.

Our Community

We live in a cozy apartment in a beautiful building in Midtown Manhattan, that we share with our two loving and hysterical cats, Oliver and Sophie. There are all kinds of parks, playgrounds, museums, and theatres within walking distance. We have lots of Mommy and Daddy friends, so we’re always up for a day outdoors. One of our favorite retreats, Central Park, is just a few blocks away.

Our Hope

Our hope for our child is that we provide a foundation of compassion, kindness, love and respect.  We will build this foundation by honoring the promises we make:

We promise to foster an environment of hope for our child, where the only limit to their potential is the depth of their imagination. We will actively nurture our child’s talents and spirit and support them as they choose their own path in life.

We promise to guide our child as they discover the world around them and to value the beauty of the planet and all of its living creatures.

We promise to instill in our child the knowledge that differences are to be embraced and honored.  They are what make us unique and special.

We promise to listen to our child and ensure that they know that their voice and opinions matter.

We promise to create a home that is filled with joy, and to cherish each day that we are blessed to share together.

We promise to provide our child with the structure and trust that they need to develop confidence in themself and to empower them to make decisions for themselves.

Finally, and most importantly, we promise to love our child whole-heartedly and unconditionally, to let them know each and every day how lucky we are to be a family.