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Phone: 8043979031
Years together: 6
Where we live: Washington, District of Columbia
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: Miriam Rae
Pets: Sota Pop

We are a happy, loving, and easy-going family living in the heart of our nation’s capital. We were trying to get pregnant but were unsuccessful when the opportunity to adopt our first child, Miriam Rae (Miri), came along. Miri is now almost three years old and we hope to have the chance to adopt another child soon. We have one dog, a super kid friendly mutt named Sota Pop- in tribute to Jenelle’s home state of Minnesota.

Sota Pop and Miri are the best of friends and have had a special bond ever since the day Miri arrived, as evidenced by their many photo ops together. Miri has a ton of cousins and several neighborhood friends that she loves to play with. We know that she will be an amazing and loving big sister. We started seriously considering adoption again when she would pick out “Big Sister” books at the library to check out.

Jenelle and Nancy met over six years ago when Jenelle was visiting DC from Richmond, where she lived at the time. We got to know each other and dated long distance until Jenelle made the move to DC. We love our neighborhood and living in the city. We are across the street from a library, playground and swimming pool (with 3 water slides!) and in walking distance to the metro. We love going to the museums and to fun events in DC. We have enjoyed participating in social justice marches and rallies, and we volunteer for Moms Demand Action in support of common sense gun legislation. We have good friends in the area and have dinners and get togethers weekly.

Jenelle has been working as a speech therapist for 12 years. She has worked with veterans in hospitals, in schools, and with special education students. Jenelle’s motivation to be a therapist came from helping raise her younger brother, who was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. Working in speech therapy allows Jenelle to maintain a flexible part-time schedule, and she spends most of her work week taking care of Miriam. Jenelle loves taking Miriam to the neighborhood playgrounds, swimming at the pool, pushing her on the swing and looking for doggies in the neighborhood.  Nancy loves Jenelle for her incredible compassion, determination, flexibility and ability to persevere.

Nancy has worked for the federal government in various roles and recently took a job in the private sector that will allow her to spend more time at home. Her professional training is in public health and epidemiology, which is the study of the distribution and causes of health and disease conditions in populations, and she is passionate about equal access to quality healthcare. In her work, Nancy has been fortunate to travel around the world- some of her favorite trips were to England, Australia, Turkey, Singapore and Germany. Jenelle loves Nancy for her sense of humor, dedication to her family, and her
amazing work ethic.

We are each close with our big, extended families and spend most of our vacation time with them. Nancy’s family lives near the beach and Jenelle’s family lives near lakes and the woods. Some of the things we value most are: time with family and friends, education, music, art, and equality. Our goal is to raise children that are kind, compassionate, confident and courageous. We will give them the all the love, guidance and support that we can while also allowing them to naturally grow into the person they are meant to be; working hard to balance our desire to keep them close and respecting their need to make their way in the world.

We’re experienced with navigating the relationships that are inherent to open adoption and are willing to follow your lead with respect to the relationship you want to have as part of your adoption plan.

Whether an open or closed adoption, we will always be honest with our children about how our family came to be and celebrate the things that make our family special.