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Phone: 1-866-922-3678
Where we live: Vienna, Austria, Europe,
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: One, adopted
Pets: No

Hi, we´re Josef, Caroline and Rosmarie… and are happy and honored that you are reading our letter – Let us take you on a small tour through our lives and home…thank you and welcome to our family!

With our deepest respect we admire your courage to consider adoption – we realize that must be a very difficult decision for you. We also realize it is an act of great responsibility and love, because you want the best for your child.

We have a wonderful, joyful marriage and it has always been our dream to have a family. After using medical help and a pregnancy sadly ended by a miscarriage, we decided to apply for adoption. We were so thankful that we were able to adopt our daughter, Rosmarie! We have so much love to share and we would be excited to welcome another child to our family through adoption.

If you should choose, we would love to stay in contact with you, via skype or email and will come to visit as often as possible. It is very important for us that your child gets to know you and can stay in contact with you.

We will always do our very best to make your child feel loved, accepted, respected and precious and stimulate and support their talents.

Whatever you decide, we wish you peace and blessings!

Our Story…

We met about 20 years ago at the birthday-party of Caroline’s cousin in Italy and felt sparkling, but lived in different countries and became a couple only ten years after when we met again at the wedding of Josef’s cousin in Portugal. After two years of a long distance- relationship (Josef working in Italy, Caroline studying in the Netherlands), Josef proposed by buying Caroline a nice sculpture showing a family (which Caroline found very special and dear)…and our wedding followed in July 2008 in Austria!

We have a relationship based on humour, tolerance, stability and patience during stressful times. In difficult times, we learned the advantages of openmindedness, humbleness and of accepting and supporting one another.

We love family adventure…we enjoy:

reading detective stories, watching movies (everything from Hollywood-productions to independent movies), cross-country- skiing, swimming in lakes and the seaside, a lot of mountain-hiking in the Alps, gardening in our back yard (Caroline has a green thumb) and culture (museums, visiting ancient churches, castles).

On weekends and free days, we like to relax at home, reading, gardening, hiking in the nearby mountains or swimming in the river Danube in the summer.

With Josef being from Italy, we like to cook Italian food – especially with vegetables from our garden (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, chard…) and organic products. Caroline is proud to be able to cook excellent curry-dishes… Josef´s speciality is preparing pancakes and pizza.

A bit about Caroline

About Caroline, by Josef: I am so incredibly thankful to spend my life with Caroline! As a wife, she is cheerful, relaxed and sensitive. Even before we adopted Rosmarie, I knew Caroline would be a kind and loving mother. She adores our daughter, and as a mother she is caring, perceptive, humorous, and parents with a positive outlook on life. Her flexible schedule allows her the opportunity to dedicate a lot of time to our family. It has been wonderful to watch her become a mom through adoption and I know she has so much more love to share with your child.

A bit more about Caroline:

I am fortunate to be able to stay at home at lot working as a freelance musician, playing concerts. I also have a university-degree in elementary musical education for children and teach once a week at a private music-school in Vienna.

I love travelling! When I travel for music performances I enjoy meeting new people and seeing other cultures.

I love spending time with Rosemarie and look forward to sharing my life and love with another little one.

In my free time I enjoy: painting, gardening, baking, hiking, reading, watching movies and swimming.

I love being a mom! I look forward to cuddles, singing and laughing together, looking at books, building towers with toy blocks, and discovering ants and bugs in the garden.

I studied the cello and the recorder at the Universities of Music in Vienna and Amsterdam and graduated with distinction. We intend to support your child in any interests and hobbies they may have and to ensure they have the best education possible

A bit about Josef

About Josef, by Caroline: I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. Josef is kind, hard working, curious and always learning new things. Seeing him as a dad makes me smile.

He is responsible, trustworthy, caring and loves to laugh. I am so excited to see him with another little one.

A bit more about Josef

After studying medicine and economics I work as a financial controller. Together with my two brothers we own an old family mansion. It also has a small apple-farming business in Northern Italy. We go there several times a year and it is a wonderful place to visit!

I enjoy observing beauty in nature, watching movies, reading (specially detective stories by Dashiell Hammet), sports and handicrafting.

I love being a dad! Rosmarie lights up our lives and I look forward to experiencing this again with another child. I enjoy teaching things, watching the children grow and progress, and playing together at the playground and at home.

Our Daughter Rosemarie

Rosmarie’s Adoption:

Rosmarie was born in Vienna and came to join us when she was 5 weeks old. Her birthmother chose not to be in contact with us, but we have a picture of her in Rosmarie’s photo-book and look at it often and speak with Rosmarie about her.

Rosmarie is very friendly, easy-going, lively and cheerful. We talk with her about what it will be like to be a big sister. She is always curious to meet other children – and she is already good at sharing her toys.

We love family time:

We love our family time. Together we look at picture books, we go for walks to one of the surrounding parks or vineyards to meet other children at the playgrounds or to observe birds, butterflies and dogs.
We love travelling! We have travelled in Italy, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Africa, Israel, Greece – and will love to travel to the USA often in the future to spend our holidays there and to meet you, if you would like.

Our families & friends support us! Our parents love their grandchildren. We are very close to them and they are very excited about our adoption-plans.

Her 14 cousins dote on Rosmarie at our family gatherings and they are already looking forward to having another cousin to love and spoil!

Our Life in Vienna

We live in Vienna, the capital of Austria, Europe. It is a wonderful and safe place to live and raise children. It is a city surrounded by hills with woods and vineyards, and the big river Danube where we swim in the summer.

We are blessed with a stable government that cares for making life good and safe for every citizen. Austria has an old culture of health insurance for everybody with a very good health care system, an equally good education-system and a long tradition of music and art.

Our home:

We live on a quiet street in a green community close to the vineyard hills and the river Danube.

We live on the first floor in a big, bright and sunny flat with high ceilings. We have a view to our yard with a lot of room for the children to play.

There are preschools, schools, playgrounds and shops nearby.

Of course, our home is often filled with music either by Caroline’s recorders or all of us singing or Rosmarie playing piano.

We believe that one of the best things we can do for our children is spend time with them. Fortunately we are able to do so because Caroline is able to set her own hours and Josef works for a family friendly employer.

Our faith:

We are Catholic and attend mass evers Sunday in our parish nearby and celebrate Christmas and Eater with traditional Austrian customs.

Adopting from the USA:

Josef has two aunts who married Americans and live with their families in the USA. Caroline´s aunt lives in Florida and many of her cousins and relatives live throughout the USA and Canada. Caroline has travelled several times in the USA, including a road-trip from the east-coast to the west-coast and as a student at Amherst College, Massachusetts.

We love the USA, particularly the American way of freedom, and that people there seem very friendly, open and active. We are excited to get to know the United States better!

Our Promise:

We will always remember and respect your child´s background; from the very first moments we will speak with your child about you and the special way they joined our family. We will create a scrapbook with photos of you and look at it every day, like we do with Rosmarie and her birthmom.

If you should choose, we would love to stay in contact with you, via skype or email and will come to visit as often as possible.

We would welcome a child of any race! We have already been thinking of how to integrate African-American culture. We have frequent contact with Josef´s cousin who adopted from Ethiopia and Caroline´s Jamaican-American cousins and look forward to seeing them more often now.

We are excited to add new celebrations like Thanksgiving and 4 th July into our family and are friends with families that also adopted from the USA recently.

We will always do our very best for your little one and support their dreams and wishes in every possible way. We will strive to provide the best education for your child and we will provide all our love!

We are honored you have taken the time to get to know us a little. It takes courage and strength to consider an adoption plan for your child – we admire you very much for this.

We would be happy to hear from you, thank you!