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Phone: 9787666267
Years together: 5
Where we live: Revere, Massachusetts
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: no other children
Pets: dog


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who we are, and our hopes of becoming parents to your baby boy or girl.

Considering adoption is a major life decision, and one that we take seriously. We believe adoption is the perfect gift to fulfill our dream of becoming parents. We are very fortunate to have supportive friends and family ready to help us through our journey to parenthood and beyond.

By introducing ourselves here we sincerely hope to provide you with an honest and heartfelt connection.  We understand this is a difficult and emotional time in your life, and we respect your space and decision.

Should you choose us, it will be our honor to raise your child to openly know you and the child’s roots, and to fully appreciate his or her own unique adoption story.

Thank you again for your consideration and taking an interest in us!

About Us

Together we balance out our strengths and work as a team. Kate brings the artistic side with art, music, reading and writing, while Mark brings the analytical side with math, mechanics, science and avionics.

We really enjoy traveling, working around the house, kayaking, seeing concerts & comedy shows, and going to restaurants with family & friends.

To stay active, Mark participates in CrossFit and likes to work in the yard; Kate just took up personal training and attends a gym close to home.

Our Home

We live in a culturally diverse city right outside of Boston, MA that is host to many businesses, family neighborhoods, schools, public transportation, and the beach. We have a cozy home with a spacious backyard. It is an “Old Style” house with one and a half bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen and living room. We are located in a neighborhood with families that watch out for one another, and we are lucky to have such a close-knit community in a friendly, quiet neighborhood.

We share a house with our rescue dog Kirra, a 10-year-old black lab mix. Down the street is a newly developed elementary school with a football field, track, playground, and tennis courts available for school and community use. Mark’s aunt and uncle live within walking distance, and Kate’s parents are 20 minutes away by car.

About Mark by Kate

Mark is incredibly quick witted & makes me laugh every day. He is always positive and sees the world as half-full. He has a great smile and dimples that appear in his cheeks, which in turn makes me smile with a sense of comfort and belonging.

Mark is a well-rounded and selfless individual. On the outside he is protective & strong, and on the inside, he’s loving and sensitive. More often than not I’ll come home to find flowers on the table just because, and he always makes sure to say I love you before he heads out the door. At family parties, the kids instantly flock to him, and if it’s just me that day, they’ll immediately ask: “Where’s Uncle Mark?”

Mark is a federally certified aircraft mechanic. His mechanical aptitude also comes in handy at home, and friends and family often call him for help with home improvements and repairs too!

Mark’s favorite hobbies are fixing lawn mowers, snow blowers, boats and cars. He is a master corn hole player, a Bruins hockey fan, and enjoys history and travel. He loves hanging out with family, and never skips a chance to BBQ with his cousins. 

Every day I’m thankful for Mark in my life. I strongly believe any child will be guaranteed to grow up laughing, learning, and feeling loved with Mark as their father.

About Kate by Mark

Right upon meeting Kate, I saw she was caring, funny, compassionate and adventurous. Overtime, I learned she is also nurturing, dedicated, thoughtful, sensitive, and creative. Kate’s a great listener, and provides sound advice to those in her life. Kate and I spend as much time with each other as possible, and I’m thankful for the life we have together. Kate is a Senior Administrative Assistant for a group of regional and national wealth management directors. She is a hard worker, devoted to her team, and highly regarded for the quality of her work.For fun, Kate loves to dance, travel, kayak and swim. She also enjoys reading, art and photography. 

Kate loves spending time with the children in our life. She gets joy from reading to our nieces and nephews, and always incorporates art and learning into activities when babysitting. A great example is when she babysat her niece during a summer afternoon. Kate transformed the driveway into an ocean wonderland in sidewalk chalk. Her niece was so excited to help color in all the marine life, especially the gigantic whale. That day is one of their favorite days together! I strongly believe, through her genuine love and guidance, Kate will make an amazing mother.

About our Dog

Kirra is an essential member of our household, and we basically consider her our furry four-legged daughter. She is a 10-year-old black lab mix with a gentle and playful demeanor.In June 2009, Mark adopted Kirra at six months old from a local rescue shelter. Mark and Kirra are inseparable and Kirra quickly became Kate’s buddy too. Kirra brings a lot of life and love to the home, and it wouldn’t be the same without her.

Kirra has been around babies, children, and adults alike. She’s definitely a people dog, and has a very social personality.Some of the things that Kirra enjoys most are camping with Mark, truck rides, and going for walks. She also loves chasing squirrels, giving her paw for treats, playing with her stuffed animals, and digging holes in the backyard. There is no doubt in our minds that Kirra will be happy to welcome another human addition to our family!

Our Family

Mark and Kate’s families are overjoyed with the prospect of helping us welcome an adoptive child into the fold.   Kate is the younger of two siblings. She is very close to her older brother who also lives in Massachusetts with his wife and their two beautiful children, ages 6 and 2. Their children are the apple of her family’s eyes and keep everyone on their toes!Kate’s side of the family tends to get together at her parents’ house for cookouts, birthday parties and holidays. Each March her parents gather the family over for a traditional Saint Patrick’s Day boiled dinner. We create leprechaun traps together for our niece and nephew, and everyone always drools as her mother’s homemade Irish soda bread comes out of the oven.

Mark is one of six brothers in a blended family. Mark has two older biological brothers, one Filipino brother who was adopted by his step mother as a baby, and two younger half-brothers. Mark and his two older brothers are extremely close and live within driving distance. His adopted brother lives in Tennessee, and his older half-brother lives locally and makes sure to get together with everyone at holidays. His youngest half-brother is a Seabee in the Navy, and always stays in contact with the family. Mark’s father and step mother live in Texas, but fly up to Massachusetts on a regular basis to visit. Mark’s father is American, but his biological mother, who passed away when he was a child, was Filipino. Mark and his older brothers are extremely close with their extended family on their maternal side, all of whom are very warm and welcoming.

Our Values & Promise

We hope to have authentically shown you our personalities, interests, families and our love for each other as parents-to-be. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child through all of life’s many ups and downs. With strong values, a gentle guiding hand, and a lot of fun and laughter, we promise to surround your child with those who will lead by positive example, and ensure there is opportunity for him or her to learn, grow and flourish to lead a happy and successful life. If you decide to pursue adoption, and you select us to raise your baby, we will make sure to always speak positively of your dignity and selflessness in giving us the gift of parenthood. We promise to always remain responsible and caring parents for your child, and are open to ongoing contact in a way that puts the child first and feels comfortable for us all. We wish you strength and courage in whatever your decision may be for you and your baby. Sincerely, Mark & Kate

Our Adoption Agency

If you would like to learn more about us, please feel free to contact Bright Futures Adoption Center at (877) 652 – 6678 or https://brightfuturesadoption.org/