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Phone: 631.816.5280
Where we live: Long Island, New York
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: 3 year old adopted son
Pets: one dog and one cat

We’re a married couple from Long Island, New York – happily together for 13 years and proud parents to our adopted son, Jackson, who is almost 3. Before Jackson, we wanted to become parents more than anything, and spent 10 years together establishing our careers, buying our home in an excellent school district, and making sure we were ready to provide every opportunity to a child. Since becoming parents, we haven’t taken it for granted, and treasure every moment we share together as a family. We feel the only thing that could make our lives better is to welcome another child into our loving home. 

We met online in 2004 (back when that was a relatively new thing). We vividly recall our first date on a cold winter night at Starbucks where we met for hot chocolate (figuring that wouldn’t take too long if the date went bad). What we thought would be a quick meeting turned into us talking for hours until the store closed. Kelly’s grandma still jokes about the first time Kelly told her about Artie – the story gets more dramatic each time she tells it (grandma can be quite a storyteller!) and, if you asked her now, she would probably say Kelly floated on air into the room all giddy to announce she met her future husband. Artie also knew right away that we would be together forever – and even tried continuing one of our first dates while having an allergic reaction (something he has fortunately outgrown!) because he wanted so badly to spend more time with Kelly. 

After five and a half years of dating, we were married in the summer of 2010 surrounded by our amazing family and friends.  We had briefly thought of having a destination wedding on a white sandy beach far away but quickly decided what we wanted most was to be close to home so we could have all of our closest loved ones with us on such a special day. Family is so important to us both and that is why we bought our home on Long Island within a half hour of our parents, grandparents, Artie’s sisters, and nieces and nephews.  We take great pride in our home, which is a comfortable, inviting, and safe environment to raise a family.  It is also the go-to place for family celebrations, including Christmas Eve dinners, Fourth of July barbecues, and everything in between.  Our favorite part of the house is the large, fenced-in yard with a pool for summer fun.

Kelly is a part-time lawyer for a Long Island law firm that is regularly recognized as a Best Law Firm for working mothers.  Her flexible schedule allows her to balance plenty of time at home with family.  Artie is an accountant in New York City but can work from home when needed (and gets lots of vacation time!) so he doesn’t miss family events. These are careers we both enjoy and which we think suit us very well – Artie jokes that Kelly can win any argument while Kelly jokes that Artie can be painfully precise.

In 2014, we welcomed our son Jackson through an open private adoption. That moment forever changed us for the better, and has enabled us to grow stronger as a couple as we learn to parent such an amazing little boy. We strive to provide Jackson with consistency, patience, love, and adventure to nurture him and help him find his way to becoming the best person he can be.

We know that Jackson will make a terrific big brother to a little baby brother or sister – at his young age, he has learned manners, patience, and respect, which we believe are so important. Since we both have siblings (Kelly has a younger brother and Artie has two older sisters), we know how special siblings are – someone to challenge you, support you, keep you honest, and love you unconditionally through life’s ups and downs. So, not only do we want to adopt again to share our lives with another child, but we also want Jackson and his future sibling(s) to have the opportunity to experience that very special sibling relationship. 

We both also grew up with pets and feel that they, like children, help make a house a home. We rescued Night as a kitten over 10 years ago and, even though she’s only about 8 pounds, she tends to make more noise running around the house than our big dog. Samson is a 7-year old mastiff who we affectionately call our “gentle giant”. He loves playing with Jackson, having his belly rubbed, and bringing us his toys.   

We love to travel, and have already taken family trips to Florida, a Caribbean Disney vacation, and across the country to Arizona where Jackson reunited with his birth family. Our weekend trips have become child oriented since Jackson and we enjoy going to Thomas Land, Sesame Place, and the Poconos for skiing and water parks.  Our goal is to see all 50 states together as a family – and explore other parts of the world too!  We all enjoy getting to meet new people and experience different cultures and foods. 

We have proudly started the foundation for what we think will be a wonderful future – and hope to build upon that by adding a child (or children) to our loving family.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We’re sure you have questions that we weren’t able to answer in this small space so please reach out to us at any time. 

Call/text 631.816.5280