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Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children:
Pets: Maddy - our 10-year-old miniature pinscher


We are Kyle and Thomas, and we hope this letter helps you get to know who we are and who we want to be as parents. We can only imagine how challenging this time is for you and we greatly respect and admire your decision in choosing adoption. We will never be able to thank you enough and look forward to being able to connect and share our excitement about being parents and hear about you and your desires for your child.


We met 5 years ago through mutual friends and knew from that first date that we shared a special chemistry. Our relationship blossomed over dinners, bike rides, and vacations. We both enjoy staying physically active and going to the gym, traveling to new places, dining out with friends, and most of all, spending time at home together. We have built our relationship on a foundation of love, mutual respect, honesty, and sharing.

In 2015, we were married in the Poconos Mountains in an intimate ceremony surrounded by our family and closest friends. We call New York City our home, together with our ten-year-old miniature pinscher, Maddy, and are looking forward to now expanding our family.

We have discussed starting a family from the time we first began dating and we both share the desire to become parents. We strongly believe in open adoption and its ability to foster an ongoing relationship between our child and you. Our support of this connection will help our child understand where they come from and solidify their sense of self throughout their development. Your presence in their life will give them confidence in knowing they were loved and wanted from the beginning.


Thomas is my true soul mate and best friend and provides me with an unwavering source of love and support. He is one of the most hardworking and organized people that I know, and is driven to succeed both in his career and personal life. His attention to detail and organization has undoubtedly contributed to his success in running large-scale musicals on Broadway, and has also led to us having the most immaculately organized home in New York – particularly our closets that Thomas designed and planned himself (and takes extreme pride in!).

Thomas enjoys staying physically active and is up every morning at 5am for a trip to the gym to start his day. He is an avid runner and weight-lifter and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him on American Ninja Warrior one day!

Thomas puts love for his family above all else and he will be a supportive, nurturing, and caring Dad to our child. He adores our 7-year-old niece and loves teaching her new gymnastics moves and encouraging her in everything she does. He is a backstage favorite to the child actors performing on Broadway, whom he has taught Roman numerals to and set up Trick-or-Treating for in their dressing rooms. Thomas will ensure that our child grows up with the ability to pursue all of their dreams and talents.


When I married Kyle I knew, confidently, that I was marrying my best friend, my other half. He uses his incredible sense of humor to make me laugh. He takes on new challenges and works diligently to overcome them. He actively listens and responds clearly and effectively. These traits make him a one-of-a-kind husband and will make him an even greater parent.

For the last year, Kyle has been taking classes in garment construction and pattern making at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This might seem odd given his successful career in the fashion industry, however, I think it speaks on a deeper level to Kyle’s work ethic and his respect for the people who work under him. He wants to be a manager who better understands the details of each person’s job. He wants to be a manager who can appreciate the time and labor that his employees put into their work. I believe that this desire to be a better manager, through understanding and knowledge, will translate to his life as a father. I know he will constantly strive to be the best father to our child.

I imagine him playing peek-a-boo and making our child laugh, juggling school and after-school activities with ease, and sitting by their bed listening to them recant the events of their day. Kyle makes me feel confident, he makes me feel loved, and he makes me feel secure. All things I know he will make our child feel, as well.


We both love to stay physically fit and active and usually start our day early in the morning with a trip to the gym for weight lifting and a bit of cardio activity. Thomas enjoys taking a regular running class and is currently beginning to train for the 2018 NYC Marathon with his father!

We also both love to travel and experience new places together. One of our favorite beach destinations is Tulum, Mexico – where we love staying in a bungalow on the beach, swimming with whale sharks, and participating in a traditional Mayan Temazcal ceremony with a local shaman. We also recently took a belated honeymoon to Greece where we spent 2 unforgettable weeks on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Above all else, we enjoy spending time at home – cooking dinner, discussing our days, or watching a movie together.


Kyle works as the Senior Director of Product Development for an American luxury clothing designer. He oversees a talented team of people, and is responsible for creating the collections each season from an initial set of design sketches.  His job includes the excitement of building two runway shows each year and creating custom garments for numerous celebrity projects.

Thomas is the Production Stage Manager for large scale Broadway musicals. He maintains and organizes the everyday operations inside the theatre.

Kyle generally works 9-6 and Thomas works evenings. This diversity of schedules means that during the week, Thomas will be home in the mornings for breakfast and play time and Kyle will be home for dinner and bedtime stories.


We live in a two-bedroom / two-bathroom condo apartment in Manhattan. Our second bedroom is perfect for a nursery. Our favorite room has to be the living room; it’s warm, inviting and comfortable. There are large windows that let in lots of sunlight. It’s the room where our friends and family want to hang out when they join us for dinner.

Our building was recently constructed and has only nineteen units, creating a close community. Our neighbors are friendly and a few of them also have small children. Our building has a backyard, perfect for playing with the other children. Our dear friend, who has a son through adoption, lives nearby and is excited for our children to become fast friends. We live only a few blocks from Central Park, which is filled with a variety of playgrounds, museums, and family activities.


Family, both given and chosen, is the glue that connects us to who we are as people and helps strengthen us as individuals. We are very lucky to each have loving and supportive families who are engaged in our lives both as individuals and as a couple. Our parents, brother and sister, and niece are eager to share their love with our child.

We have a strong community of friends in New York City. They are a diverse group of people who fuel endless conversations, make us laugh over dinner, and come to the rescue when needed. They are excited for us to begin a family as most of them have children of their own. We look forward to our children growing up together and becoming friends. There will be trips to the apple orchards, the holiday window displays along Fifth Avenue, and the Central Park Zoo.


We have a 10-year-old miniature pinscher named Maddy. She is energetic and affectionate and a true member of our family! Maddy enjoys children, especially our 7-year-old niece. She loves playing fetch and can go for hours without tiring. She is very well-behaved and knows all basic commands. Her signature trick is tucking herself in her bed at night. She has a clever technique of getting her head under her blanket and circling until her body is completely covered!


Becoming a father is something that we hold very sacred. Our fathers took us to sporting events, helped us with homework, and provided advice. We are anxious to prepare meals, cheer from the stands, relive algebra, and just listen when they’re having a bad day. We want you to know that your child will be well-cared for in every way, both physically and emotionally. We promise to show them the difference between right and wrong. We promise to cultivate and encourage their interests. We promise to love them unconditionally. 

Through an open adoption we hope to build a strong relationship with you that will promote our child’s healthy development. You are bringing this child into the world and will entrust us to be their parents. We could not embark on this incredible journey of parenthood without you.  We hope to have an open adoption that includes ongoing contact and even periodic visits.  We would love to share regular photos and updates with you, but will follow your lead to ensure we meet your needs.  We understand that this will be a difficult and emotional process, and we’d like to work together to build a healthy and flexible relationship that you will be comfortable with.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your wishes for your child. We know you have a big decision ahead of you. We can’t imagine what you must be feeling, but we are eager to begin this journey with you through open and honest communication. We believe it is important to raise our child surrounded by love, support, and endless opportunity. We want them to know that they were loved from the beginning, by you and us.