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Phone: 844-325-1140
Where we live: Orange, California
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: 3 Children

We know this is where we are supposed to tell you how “perfect” we are, but we decided to go the genuine route in hopes you will get a real picture of who we are and what your child’s life would be like if you chose us as adoptive parents.  We are Curtis and Maggie and it is our hearts desire to grow and complete our family through adoption. This is not our second choice or last effort to become parents.  We are experienced parents who desire to be adoptive parents because this is our first choice! Before we were married we had discussed our desire to adopt. It has been God’s calling for us, and in our hearts we know now is the time.

Our Story

So what is there to know about us? We met on match.com 9 years ago, which is still funny to us.  But it obviously worked out so well that we are back online hoping to meet you! After talking once, we went on a date the very next night and saw each other every day (not an exaggeration) for over 5 years straight.  And we still aren’t sick of each other! We spend many Saturdays watching college football and eating hot wings until our mouths are on fire. Maggie loves to bake without following any recipes.  Her candied bacon has been the best experiment so far because the only thing better than bacon is candied bacon!  Curtis is quite the handyman.  From computers/electronics to home improvement, we have yet to find a household item or toy he couldn’t fix. 

We know this isn’t really about us, but what life you desire for your child. We know you desire your child to be loved, cared for, protected, and kept safe in a happy and fun household.  We know these are the desires of your heart because we are the parents of 3 children at home, and 1 in heaven we lost at 29 weeks, and we have the same hopes and desires too.  We personally know what it means to cherish and love children, because that is our daily mission.  Careers and success are important, but nothing is more important than our love for God, our family, and children.

About Curtis

Written by Maggie: Curtis is a hard worker in all aspects of his life. He takes the time to really care for all of us individually and still calls his mom and sister daily. He is a loyal friend and I am thankful I get to call him my best friend.  Curtis is quick-witted and causes the majority of the laughter at our family gatherings. He is crazy smart! The kids play a game where they ask him how something works, and he tells them. Who knows how a TV works? I don’t, but he does! He loves the Lord and joyfully serves him by serving us. I mean, he even does the dishes because he knows that’s my least favorite household thing to do. Life with him is fun and never dull. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and father for our family.

About Maggie

Written by Curtis: Maggie is everything you would expect a mother to be. Seriously, there is a running joke that she is the “baby whisperer”. She can make any baby stop crying within seconds of holding them. She has such a nurturing and caring personality, yet she makes sure our kids have structure and boundaries. Maggie is also extremely smart; she can win almost any argument using impeccable logic and reason. Maggie has such a servant’s heart. I love watching her pour herself into the high school girls that she disciples. Maggie is also an amazing cook. She refuses to follow recipes and somehow what she makes is always the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I am blessed to call her my wife.

Our Home

We are thankful to be blessed financially so we can give our children the life we desire for them. Our home is in a safe neighborhood with a great Elementary school right across the street.  Your child would have their own room that is already set up for them! Curtis has remodeled almost every room in our 4 bedroom home.  Our children enjoy playing in our backyard and playing at the park down the street.  Because we live so close to our elementary school, there are tons of families with young children in our neighborhood.


You may have envisioned selecting a couple who have not had a child, which is completely understandable. A couple like us offer a different future. We have 3 children who would become older brothers and sister to your baby. Having siblings is a huge blessing! We know this because we both have siblings that we are all very close to. We told our whole family our plans to adopt on Christmas morning. As the saying goes, “they were excited as a kid on Christmas morning”. Quite literally!  Your child would not just have us as adoptive parents to love and care for them, but siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins galore who will all love on them, care for them, and drop anything on a dime to be there for them. 

Ty (4 ½ years old) is a silly, happy, and imaginative boy. There isn’t a shy bone in his body and he can make new friends in seconds. He initiates most of our family tickle fights and comes up with new games for everyone to play.  When asked if he wants another brother or sister his face lights up and asks “Today!?!”

Jay (3 years old) is our big teddy bear.  He is super tough and strong on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.  He asks for hugs, snuggles, and to hold our hands multiple times a day. Such a snuggle bug! If someone is crying or upset, he walks up to them and gives them a hug and kiss and tells them “It’s ok”. He loves to eat pretty much anything. He’s a growing boy!

Palin (2 years old) is easy-going and goes with the flow.  As far as toddler stereotypes go, she is the opposite.  She loves to do whatever her big brothers are doing. She is shy at first, but once she warms up to someone she won’t leave their side. She can be a total goof ball too. She is so sweet and loves her baby dolls.  There is no doubt that she will be an amazing big sister.

Our Days

Besides the typical “Curtis goes to work” and “Maggie is a stay-at-home mom” it’s probably more insightful to share what our childrens’ days are like! There is a park right across the street we enjoy, and we have a backyard and playroom where they get to play and use their imaginations.  We go to new parks, take private swimming lessons, and run errands to Target which is surprisingly fun for all of us.  When Curtis comes home from work the kids attack him at the front door and try to get the first hug.  We have dinner together and talk about our days. After dinner we all play together in our family room.  This consists of tickle fights, “pony rides”, and embarrassing family dance parties. If you can even call it “dancing”, it’s that embarrassing! But their giggles and squeals are the highlight of our days and we gladly sacrifice our dignity and any appearance of us being cool to bring them joy.  We then bathe them, brush their teeth, read a story (or make a funny one up), say our prayers and tuck them in. Our days are joyful and fulfilling.  We are so excited to grow and complete our family through adoption

Our Promise

·         We promise to love and care for all of our children equally and unconditionally.

·         We promise to only speak kindly to you and about you. There will never be a negative word spoken about your from our mouths ever.

·         We promise to follow through on our word with all we talk about and agree upon together. We will not lose your trust.

·         We will forever be grateful for you; for choosing life, and choosing us as adoptive parents

Thank You

Thank you for reading about our family and considering us to be adoptive parents for your baby. You are a loving mother for putting your child’s needs above your own and for loving them so much that you would do what’s best for them, even when it brings you hardship. From the bottom of our heart we want to thank you for choosing life for your baby.  We can only imagine how overwhelming this is for you. We would love to continue this conversation with you in hopes to bring you peace and assurance. Regardless, know we are praying for you and your child daily.  We genuinely care about you BOTH.