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Where we live: Altadena, California
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children:
Pets: Cat named Zinnia

Hi! Buon Giorno! Kumusta!!

We are Maria Zuccarello and Eugene Hutchins from Altadena, CA.

We hope by reading our letter, you will ultimately feel confidence and peace in your decision to continue with us in this amazing journey. We hope you give us the privilege to learn more about you and your aspirations for your child. It takes a strong person to turn an unplanned challenge into a life changing opportunity. We hope this letter will be the springboard to developing a strong, secure relationship with you and your child

How We Met

We met through the wonders of modern technology: online. On our first date we went for dinner and a show. Little did we know that would foretell the highlights of our future together—food and theater.  Once we began sharing these interests, our relationship was opened to many new experiences for both of us. One year to the day, Eugene proposed. Since then, we continue to share different interests in art, traditions, culture and food. We’ve been married over eight years and each year is an adventure in discovery.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in a comfortable 3 bedroom house on a quiet street in Altadena, CA.  When home, we enjoy our backyard and watch our cat Zinnia race up our prolific orange tree. Our neighborhood is diverse and safe.  We benefit from two local elementary schools in the area. We have hiking trails, a park and a community garden nearby to share with our child.  Pasadena and its many family friendly cultural offerings are nearby waiting to be explored. We want our child to experience the outdoor concerts in the summer and the Kidspace museum and parks year round.

About Eugene by Maria

What struck me early in our relationship about Eugene is he is the most sincere person I know. Everything he does, he does wholeheartedly. I am constantly amazed at the breadth of his interests. He is very inquisitive and can’t wait to foster this sense of curiosity in our child—for the arts, social causes or the outdoors. Eugene’s first love is dance and music. His face lights up when he hears his favorite music or gets on the dance floor. He is excited to share that with our child. We love laughing together and always find a way to see the funny side of the most ordinary things together. We are so looking forward to sharing laughter with ourchild. He has happily made his career in the arts and currently works as the Special Projects Manager for a professional orchestra in Pasadena.

About Maria by Eugene

Maria is my partner in life and I would not change anything about her. She has a big heart, a generous spirit and a quirky and unique sense of humor that I adore. Maria is quite outgoing around her closest friends and family and loves being “Auntie Maria” to her siblings and friend’s children.  She is independent, has great inner strength, and is very passionate about her different interests. Maria works as a Resource Specialist at an elementary school and enjoys her job teaching students with learning disabilities. She wants to foster an inquisitive nature in our child. She loves to read to her students and now looks forward to sharing some of her favorite children’s authors, such as Helen Lester with our child. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is cook. Learning about food is learning about cultures—from Italian to Filipino and anywhere in between and she wants to develop the joy of cooking in our child.

Our Family

Our extended family in the US and abroad in the Philippines and Italy all wait with us for the arrival of a child into our lives. Eugene has cousins and family all over the U.S. from Honolulu to Portland, ME. Eugene’s mom lives in Los Angeles and is excited to have her first grandchild to share the beautiful customs and rituals of the Philippines.

Maria comes from a large Italian family. Maria’s three older brothers and her sister live in New Zealand, Brooklyn, Maryland, and San Francisco. Her mom, who lives in Los Angeles, is eager to have another grandchild to teach Italian and share her homeland traditions. We want our child to appreciate different places and cultures as we take him or her to visit family and friends around the world for holidays or vacations.

Our Interests

We love traveling to places like Canada and Costa Rica.  Our favorite place in the US is along California’s central coast where we adore the relaxed, small town life of San Luis Obispo. We enthusiastically attend live events of all kinds. We regularly visit Maria’s hometown in Marin County to see The Mountain Play, a family friendly annual outdoor production. We often spend time with our friends and their young children. Everyone looks forward to the annual potluck Christmas party we host in our home. We also appreciate quiet time at home reading or watching TV and playing with our cat Zinnia.

Our Values and Our Promise to You 

We will always support and respect you. We want our child to know and understand the special and beautiful way we became a family Our child will know and appreciate your courage and strength. We are open to having as much communication and contact that would be beneficial to everyone.

We want to raise your child with a sense of curiosity and awareness of the world around him or her. We look forward to inspiring in our little one compassion, empathy, and desire to help others. We will instill in our son or daughter the value of education and support him or her in fulfilling his or her own dreams. We always find a way to see the funny side of the most ordinary things together, and can’t wait to laugh about these things with our child. We invite you to contact us. We look forward to developing a relationship together.

Maria and Eugene