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Phone: +1 267 870 7544
Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: none
Pets: none

Hello! We’re Jacques & Marie from New York City. We fell in love in this amazing city 6 years ago. We hope to start our own family through adoption and sincerely hope that by reading about our lives below you will want to get in touch with us.

Jacques works in the music industry for a non-profit music venue, supporting artists and musicians in their careers. Marie is a fashion designer of costumes and sportswear for women. We got married two year ago surrounded by our families and a lot of friends.

Our City​:​

We love living in New York City, it’s fast and bright but we find peace and quiet at home. We are ready to welcome a child in our community of friends and neighbors who have children of their own. In the summer and fall, we love sitting on our neighbors stoop with friends and watching people pass by. We enjoy the incredible cultural life the city has to offer: concerts, art exhibitions and movie screenings. On weekends we like to go to the countryside for hiking and cooking big meals with friends.

Our Neighborhood:​

We live in a lovely bright apartment overlooking a park in Manhattan. We can see the sun rise from our windows and only trees and greenery meet our eyes. It’s just opposite a children’s playground so we look forward to bringing our kids there.

We walk everywhere (mainly to the many ice cream places) Jacques loves running along the river path which is very near our place. Marie goes rope jumping by the water.

Jacques (by Marie)

“I feel so lucky to live with Jacques. He is very responsible, serious and loyal but also very cool working in the music industry, which means we get to discover new artists. The most important is that he has a big big heart. From the beginning he told me how much having a family was the most important thing for him and we hope to see our children grow up here.

He will transmit a good education and manners but also an eye for culture, music and art.”


– Running (ran the NYC marathon)
– Watching soccer (World Cup, Swiss team and Arsenal)
– Music mixtapes ( he is passionate about music and discovering new tracks: hip hop, R&B, indie, jazz and electronic)
– Trees & nature on weekends, it’s important when you live in a big city.
– Spotting the local red tailed hawks that live in our park

Marie (by Jacques) 

“Marie is the most genuine and caring person I have ever met. She is loyal and nurtures close relationships with her friends. Marie and I share strong family values and we are both in regular contact with our parents, siblings, nephews and nieces.

Marie is an artistic soul and that shows in the beautiful clothes she designs in her studio. Working from home will allow her to spend a lot of time with our children. She loves to bake and makes a banana bread to die for.”


-Crime TV shows and podcasts
-Going to the movies (except horror films)
-Teaching her nephews sports
-Jumping rope
-Disco/ Hip hop/ slow jams
– French fries and cookies
-Watching people pass by on the neighbors’ stoop.


We are our own little unit here but we come from very big, loving families in Europe (France and Switzerland) We love them and visit twice a year (Xmas and summertime). When we do there are so many big meals, long hikes in the mountains and we event go skiing. The perfect antidote to the city life. Marie even has cousins living on Long Island by the ocean and we visit them often.

Thank you:

Thank you so much for reading until here as it must be overwhelming when there are so many families to choose from.

We can’t wait to hear from you and a little nervous too! A first email or a call will hopefully be the start of a relationship where we get to know you better.

Lots of love

Jacques & Marie


How to contact us: Call us: (267) 870 – 7544 Email us: jacquesandmarieadopt@gmail.com Visit our website: jacquesandmarieadopt@gmail.com

You can also follow our lives on Instagram @jacquesandmarieadopt or Facebook @jacquesandmarieadopt