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Phone: Contact Marvin & Vaughn at (914) 627-8286
Years together: 10
Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: No
Pets: 2 Dogs: Storm & Max

We’re Marvin and Vaughn and we live in NYC. We own a great apartment, have two dogs named Storm and Max, go to a great church, and live near a beautiful park. We hope this profile will show you something about our lives and the people in it, and will help you get to know us.  We’ve been married for several years now and are looking to make our family grow. We know several families who have adopted and have several friends who were adopted themselves. We have long dreamed about becoming fathers and being able to give a child all the love and support we received from our families.

On Family

We both come from fun loud families with lots of cousins. We also celebrate quite a few birthdays. Marvin has 101 first cousins and Vaughn has 9 and when you add in all the nieces and nephews that makes for big family gatherings! There are lots of kids during our get-togethers so there is always a lot of play and fun activities. Our family is very excited about us becoming parents and can’t wait to come over to babysit, cuddle and coo at the new family member.

On Marriage

We have been married for over 6 years and are so happy that our state officially allowed us to become married in 2011. Marriage is important to us and we decided to get married in our church even before the state and country came to recognize our union.

On Education

Education is one of our top priorities as a family. Both of us worked hard and have earned advanced degrees and we want our household to be filled with the love of learning we both have inside of us. We want to be able to help a child grow to love books, exploration and succeed in school.

Our Home

Our home is full of music, laughter and reading. We have an energetic dog that likes to be taken for long walks so we end up being outside quite a bit as well. Our neighborhood has a park with  a children’s playground and plenty of space for picnics. Our apartment also has a great view of the park. We love spending time in the kitchen cooking together as a family and listening to classical and pop music. When we’re not cooking we like to spend time reading, playing games or doing puzzles. Our friends and family always love coming over to our place because it always feels like home to them.

On Traditions

We both love to celebrate holidays and have been building up a lot of traditions around food. We’re both big cooks and like to feed our friends and family. We bake traditional family recipes from chocolate chip cookies (our own recipe) to Arroz con Dulce and a very tasty Christmas Ham (or as it is known in Puerto Rico, Pernil). Creativity is also important to us so we spend every Easter decorating eggs, and Halloween carving pumpkins as well as decorating a great big Christmas tree.

Our Professions

Marvin is an architect and Vaughn is a musician and business person. We both love our jobs and our work. We hope that we can show our children that it is possible to do something you love as a career. It is important that our kids know what we do and get a chance to see us in action.

On Religion

We attend a great church with a long tradition of allowing all people to come and worship and be a part of the church community. We have been going there for almost 10 years and were married there. We have a regular group of friends that we hang out with at the church and who are very excited about us adopting. The church has lots of opportunities for kids to participate in worship, Sunday school and in choirs. This is one of the places our children will get to see and celebrate all the different kinds of people in the world.

On Friends

We have a great group of friends from all walks of life like architects, opera singers, teachers and technology gurus. They bring a unique perspective to our lives with their different views on art, culture, fun and creativity. We love to get together with them for picnics, brunches, birthday parties or just to spend an afternoon catching up on the new things with our lives and our families.

On Activities

When we’re not hanging out in the park or cooking at home, we like to try and get to a good museum, visit a public garden, or walk around and see the sights in New York City (or even better a boat tour!). We also enjoy going to classical concerts and Broadway shows when we can.


We cannot imagine the difficult choices that face you now but we are grateful that you would consider us as potential parents to your baby

Our home is fun, full of music; with lots of love, laughter and especially good food. Family is important to us as well as our Faith. We’ll show the baby all the diversity, uniqueness and fun that New York City has to offer. We’ll surrounded them with art, music and share with them a welcoming Church. Our home will be centered on learning and fun; and we aim to provide all the opportunities we can to help the baby grow and prosper.

We hope this profile shows you something of the special love we can offer your baby and that you will reach out to us soon!

Vaughn and Marvin