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Phone: 864-573-5533
Where we live: Vancouver, British Columbia
Our neighborhood:
Other children: Yes a daughter
Pets: Yes a 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever

Hello we are Layne and Melissa,

To the mom and friend, we hope to meet;

Being parent ourselves we can not imagine the daily and hourly thoughts you go through to come to the decision to share the love of your child. After caring for this little life for so many months, considering adoption is truly the most precious gift you could offer any family.

A Little About Us:

Our strengths compliment each other, our personality a perfect mix of energy and calmness. Our love continues to grow, even after eight years of marriage through laughter, respect, honesty, understanding, and a passion for life.

We met through an internet dating site, e-Harmony, in 2009 and quickly discovered we were in love. As we shared more time together we discovered that our fathers had known each other for many years through business. We both felt we had found our life partner and we were engaged after dating for six months. We married a year later in October 2010. Having a family was a must! The only discussion was how many children. We decided we would leave that in God’s hands. We also knew that our family make up would consist of adoption. We both have family members who were adopted as infants, so adoption is a natural fit.

We look at our journey to parenthood as a blessing.  We did adoption training prior to our daughter being born and both agree it made us much better, more engaged, consistent, and relaxed parents. Having experienced the connection a mother has with her unborn child and the hopes and dreams you may be already forming, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for showing such unconditional love by considering adoption. Whether you choose adoption or to parent this little one, please know we have greatest respect for you. Only you, with Gods guidance, truly know what is the best for this child.


Layne is my friend as well as a loving, caring husband who is passionate about family.  Layne has a laugh that comes from deep within and he enjoys humour.  He is an amazing Dad to our daughter and adores our 3 year old Golden Retriever.   Layne is the Uncle to a beautiful niece and nephew and stays active in their lives.  He has a close, respectful relationship with his family, especially his mom, for all she gave up when the boys were young.  Layne’s ambition to put himself through university and graduate with an engineering degree has led him to a successful career.  In his free time my husband loves the thrill and technique of paragliding, he enjoys hiking with the family and doing small home renovations.  Layne is an amazing, supportive partner and dad. 

He is patient, calm and cannot wait to share his love for science and discover the world again through a child’s eyes.


There is no one I’d rather spend time with than my wife.  Melissa is a beautiful and vibrant mother and woman.  Her energy and dedication to anything she puts her mind to are unsurpassed.  Melissa loves to cook and can create the most imaginative dishes for special occasions or just for casual times.  Melissa previously had a successful career in technology and medical sales and now loves staying at home with our daughter.  Her ability to strike up a friendly conversation with anyone is a characteristic that I love.  Melissa has an amazing way of connecting and sharing her love and passion for life with our daughter.   As a mom she enjoys exploring outdoors, playing and being creative with our daughter.   I’ve never met a woman that is so naturally good with kids.  Melissa shares her love not only with our daughter but with many of our friend’s children.   I cannot imagine a better mom for our children. Melissa has always wanted a house filled with much laughter and many children.


Ireland is a loving, caring, energetic little girl who cannot wait to be a big sister.  She loves to sing, dance, read stories and cook with mommy.  Some of Ireland’s favourite things to do are playing house with her dolls, playing vet with teddies, building Lego, making blanket forts and having a lemonade stand.  We keep busy! She loves being outdoors.  Weekends are filled with going to dance and Jujitsu classes, hanging out with family & friends, or taking in a community event.  As long as we’re together we have FUN!

Our Dog Kihei: Written by Ireland

This is my dog Kihei, he’s a beautiful dog.  A three year old golden retriever.  He was born on Christmas Eve and he is loving and an angel!  He loves cuddles! He loves to play in the mud and water.  He’s the best dog ever!  I love him so much.  At Christmas we bought him his own stocking.  He loves me a lot and wants a baby too.

Family & Friends:

We are both fortunate that our parents are still living and playing an active part in our lives.  During holidays and throughout the year we enjoy time with our siblings, cousins, great grandparents and  aunts and uncles on both sides.  Melissa’s parents live only ten minutes away and are an intricate part of Ireland’s life.  Our family and friends are a great support, they are very excited for us to grow our family and are just awaiting the exciting news and opportunity to love and share in another child’s life.

Religious beliefs: 

We are a Christian family raising our children to know God’s love, and the power of his presence in our life.   We attend a Gospel church on Sundays and Ireland participated in a Jubilee Fellowship summer camp this summer.

Favourite Holiday Traditions:

The holidays bring us together decorating, celebrating and spending time with family. 

Easter – Large neighbourhood Easter Egg hunt and family dinner with all the fixings

Thanksgiving – Visiting with family on both sides and eat LOTS of Turkey, potatoes and Pumpkin Pie

Halloween – Decorating the house, Pumpkin Patch visit, carving pumpkins as a family and neighbourhood family trick or treat and pot luck celebration

Christmas – Decorating the house, baking and decorating Gingerbread men and a Gingerbread house, driving around taking in the festive lights, family trip to the tree farm to pick out and cut down our tree, Christmas concerts, tree decorating, photo and visit with Santa Clause himself

Our Home:

We live in a very friendly oriented neighbourhood surrounded by trees and creeks.  We walk to the elementary school our daughter attends. It is rated one of the best in the district.  As we do want to encourage an all dreams are possible approach to school we’ve set up an education fund to assist in any post secondary opportunities. 

Our Promise:

If Layne and I are the fortunate parents chosen to raise and love your baby, We promise to love this child for the person they are.  We promise to support them emotionally, financially, and encourage their imagination.  We will expose them to new experiences and encourage them to dream big.  Our promise is to be there whenever they may need us, whether they know it or not, to protect this child always and ensure they are safe and healthy.  We promise to ensure this child continues to be involved in their cultural history supported by mentors and cultural activities. We promise to remember that being your baby’s parents is a gift to be thankful for everyday. 

We will share your baby’s adoption story in an open and honest fashion, and ensure they know all the amazing people who love them.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us.  We look forward to speaking with you and would consider it a privilege to meet you.  We would like to answer any questions you may have about us, our journey, parenting, or whatever is on your mind.  We wish you lots of love and support in making such a meaningful decision for you and your baby.   May God be with you and your baby at this time and always.

Our thoughts and hearts are with you,

Best Wishes

Layne, Melissa, Ireland & Kihei