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Phone: 603-799-7644
Years together: 13
Where we live: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children:

We met in 2004 and have been together ever since. We adopted a dog from a rescue organization together in 2010 who’s named Hans (His nickname is ‘the muffin’). We got married in 2013 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We live in Portsmouth, NH, which is a coastal city with great schools, parks and theaters. We both grew up in NH and love to be outdoors. We are avid downhill skiers, love to go to the beach and are always looking for outdoor ‘projects’ like gardening, landscaping, etc. Doug’s family also has a rustic camp in downeast Maine on the ocean and we love to go there in the summer and visit with his family & make s’mores around the camp fire. We’re very excited to bring a little one along on our adventures.

​We have talked about starting a family for many years. Doug’s brothers have each started their families. His older brother and his wife have two sons, and his younger brother and his wife, have a daughter and a son.  We love to visit with our niece and nephews and are excited to start our own family! Your child will have a large support system of family and friends. There will be aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, grandparents, and many family friends.

We will never fully understand how difficult this decision must be. Your child will always know that you loved them, and that you made this decision because of that love, and your strength. We will always respect you, and we will teach this respect to your child. We are very open to communication as your child grows. We are hoping to adopt multiple children.  They may come all at once, or over the next few years.  Our eyes tear up as we write this; we don’t know how to put the emotions to words.  We are so ready for this step… So hopeful, and so excited.

Thanks for letting us share a little bit about ourselves and our extended family. We want to be the best parents we can be and give your child all the love and support that we can, so they grow up to be loving, well-adjusted and well-educated adults. It would be an honor to be given that opportunity. We are very excited to have new adventures as a family.

Thank you so much!​

Mike & Doug