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Years together: 16
Where we live: Tucker (just outside Atlanta), Georgia
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: No
Pets: Dog - Penny

We admire your courage as you consider the future for yourself and your child. We believe our home can provide the safety, love and opportunities that will help your child thrive. Your child will always know who you are and how important you are to us. We are excited to become parents and look forward to getting to know you.

A Little About Us

We met 15 years ago working a summer job at an amusement park. A fast friendship quickly grew into more. After several years of long-distance dating and chasing our careers across the country, we married in 2006. We are now settled in our home near Atlanta. We enjoy cooking, hiking, home-improvement projects, board games and traveling. A strong work ethic and open minds are two of the many qualities we share. We are each other’s best friend and strongest advocate. Sarah works from our home planning corporate events. Chris is the operations director for a laser-show, firework and AV production company. We’ll both have the flexibility to be with our child for everything from sick days to special moments at school. We believe in a good education and exposure to sports and the arts and will encourage our child both in and out of school.

About Sarah by Chris

Sarah is sensitive, loyal and driven with a gentle, generous spirit. She puts the needs of others before her own. She loves being a hostess and makes our home welcoming to all. Sarah will make an incredible mom. She is a great listener and a natural at caring for others. It’s inspiring to see her so easily interact with the children of our friends and family and I can’t wait to watch her care for our child.

About Chris by Sarah

Chris is fun, playful and has a warm personality. He is the kind of person that asks how someone’s day is and stops to hear the answer. He has a compassionate, big heart and likes everyone. Chris is a great mix of responsibility and fun. He’s passionate about his work but is always up for playing a game or wrestling with the dogs. I know Chris will be a great dad. Children gravitate to him and he’s great at making them laugh. I picture him spending countless hours on the floor making up silly faces, noises and games with our child.

Where We Call Home

Tucker, Georgia is a small community northeast of Atlanta with the benefits of a big city nearby such as zoos, aquariums, and baseball games plus the family-fun of a small town like local festivals and neighborhood pools. Our home is warm and welcoming. We live in a safe, quiet, wooded neighborhood full of young families and close to schools and parks. Our two dogs love to go for neighborhood walks and enjoy our large, fenced-in backyard, where we also spend lots of time gardening and around the fire-pit roasting marshmallows. We can’t wait to teach our child how to make s’mores!

Sarah and Chris