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Phone: 301 422 5108
Where I live: , Virginia
My neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: None
Pets: 2 dogs, 2 cats

About Me

Hi there. I’m Sarah, and I’m so pleased that you decided to stop by and read my profile. I’m 41 and a college professor. I teach theatrical costume construction and sometimes an introductory literary course. I was born in San Pedro, California to a speech therapist/teacher of children with hearing loss. I’ve never been married and I’ve never much felt the need to be married, but I’ve always wanted to be a mom. In fact, it’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted to be and I’ve always known I’d be a pretty good mom. My parents were divorced when I was quite young and I was raised almost exclusively by my mother who is very supportive. Because I’m single, I chose to wait on motherhood until I was 35. I tried to get pregnant for years, using a friend as a sperm donor. We tried many different things, including medication and doctor-assisted insemination. I was pregnant twice and both ended in miscarriage. Instead of attempting any other, more expensive and invasive procedures, I chose to pursue adoption. I want to be a mother and I’m excited to meet my child, regardless of to whom it’s born.

My family, as it stands right now, consists of myself, my mother, my brother, a sister in law, and their kids, a 3 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. My mother and I own a home and live together and my brother and his family presently live in Tempe, Arizona, though they have a home in Italy, and travel quite often. I grew up in several different locations. The first place I remember was suburban Chicago, and after that we moved to a small town in Indiana. I grew up as the “different” kid—the slightly “odd,” “shy,” “artistic” kid who was bullied because I preferred museums and films to basketball and football. I acted as a child, and the other kids in my class were a little surprised to see that while I didn’t talk much in class, I could sing, act, and even dance a little bit when I tried (I am not a good dancer). When I was fifteen, my optometrist suggested I try an internship at a local theatre to hone my acting and onstage skills. As it turned out, there was an opening in the costume shop for someone who knew how to sew. I accepted it and fell in love with costuming. I was starting to get bored with acting, but I still wanted to be involved with the theatre. I really enjoyed costuming because I very much like solving problems and I love working with actors. Costuming affords me the possibility to do both. I worked in costumes on my high school musical from then on, as well as at the theatre where I’d interned. During all of this, I continued to work with kids, both as a babysitter and as a project developer for a local community group, where I ran my own children’s theatre. From there, I went on to college, where I majored in secondary education (speech and theatre) and theatre with an emphasis in costume design. I continued working with kids and theatre with a local community musical theatre. After that, I went on to graduate school in Costume Design. From there, I worked in a couple of regional theatres, as a wardrobe manager. It’s still entertaining to see people with whom I’ve worked and gone to school on tv and in films.

After that, I accepted my first job teaching at the college level, and loved it! I got to merge my passion for theatre and the arts with my love of kids and teaching. I’ve taught now for twelve years.

I was raised as a teacher’s kid, which meant that we spent a lot of time at the library for activities, reading, arts, etc. We also went to museums to learn as much as possible about as many subjects as possible. My mother loved to learn and she was very serious about instilling that same love in us. We drove all across the country in the summertime, sometimes staying with family or friends, sometimes just driving to various attractions as they interested us. As a child, I was exposed to a lot of different experiences and I think I’m a reasonably well-rounded person because of it.

I’m very much looking forward to being a mother because the world, in my opinion, is a pretty exciting place. There’s a lot to see and do within it and I’m really excited to share it with my kid. I love learning, traveling, art, film, etc and I’m looking forward, not only to teaching my kid to appreciate the world and all the fascinating things there are to do and see, but also to envision all the things that can be possible in the future.

Our home

My mother and I bought our new home, which is a beautiful 105 year old house right on the water, six months ago. We’re in process of renovation of the bathrooms and kitchen while settling in, and I’m looking forward to it being an incredibly beautiful home. My bedroom is on the front of the house, and has an attached nursery, which also overlooks the water. We have an extra bedroom which I plan to turn into a playroom. Our backyard is small, but fenced with trees and soon a vegetable garden. Our neighborhood is incredibly friendly. Literally everyone talks with everyone and we all know and support one another. About a half a mile down the street, we have a small beach and a fishing pier. The school is about five miles away. About once or twice a week in the summer, we see dolphins passing by the house, usually within a hundred or so feet from our front porch. We can sit on our porch and watch boats of all sorts—military, commercial, and pleasure—go past.

Our Family

Our family is small but relatively close, at least on my mother’s side. As I mentioned above, we’re a pretty small group—consisting of my mother, my brother, sister-in- law and two kids, aged 3 and 5. In the more extended family, I have two cousins who have four kids between them (between the ages of 1 and 13 years), my mother’s brother and his wife. My father’s side is a little more distant as they’ve never lived especially close to us, but there we have my father’s brother, his ex-wife and two cousins with again, four kids between them. I further have three stepsisters, two older and one younger, whom I haven’t seen since we were kids. However, we’ve reconnected via Facebook and they’re all really excited about my adopting a child. With any luck, they’ll become a closer part of the family as well.

Because my childhood largely consisted of my mom, my brother, and me (and often my mother’s mother who died in 2007), we were always incredibly close. We spent almost all of our time together, going on vacations, holidays, etc. Our family are now fairly far-flung, living in Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, and New York City, so we don’t see them as much as we would like. Therefore, we don’t really have specific holiday rituals or traditional gatherings. Our family time (as I’m sure is true with lots of families who live in various parts of the country) happens a lot of time via video chat or Skype. My mother, especially, Skypes with her grandkids almost daily.


I’ve always been a little bit of a nerd. I love to read, love to watch and discuss movies, plays, and various other forms of art. I’m not a fan of ballet, but I really enjoy films (even the bad ones—no, especially the bad ones) and I can even stomach (and even enjoy) opera and musicals(Lucky for me, because I work on plays, operas, and musicals for my work).

I’m also a HUGE fan of travel. I think that the best way to learn new things is to go where they happen and to try new things. My very favorite trip was to the Florida Keys where we swam with dolphins. I’ve always been a good swimmer (I often joke that I was not born a land mammal, as I’m relatively clumsy on my feet, but can swim far more easily than walk) and aquatic animals interest me. I was incredibly excited to meet dolphins and learn more about them. One thing which surprised me is that their personalities are very similar to that of dogs: They’re attuned to people, careful, generally gentle, and eager to please (or at least the domesticated ones are). My encounter with them (about an hour in the water with them, plus a few more out of the water) has sparked a passion for them and I have made a goal of going to swim with them again (and this time, to take my kid along with me). My second favorite destination is Toronto. I have a close friend who lives up there and I’ve been to visit several times. It’s a beautiful city and Ontario is simply lovely, with fantastic hiking and sightseeing. I definitely plan to visit more with my child. And in future, I’d like to visit Italy, in part to see the house which my brother’s in-laws own and in part just to see where my paternal family came from. I’ve always found that part of my history interesting (even though I haven’t been close with that side of the family for awhile)—they were recent immigrants and my grandfather even still spoke Italian when we were kids. He tried to teach us, but my grandmother discouraged it. My brother and sister in law, however, are fluent.

And, generally, my travels have included my dogs, Hannah and Cora. They’re 10 and 12 year old puggles (half pug, half beagle), and I adopted them both as adult dogs. Cora was a stray who was nearly starved to death when she was found by the Humane Society, and Hannah was simply too much work for her previous owner(and I can sure see where she’s coming from. Hannah likes to test boundaries). When I adopted them, I knew that I was starting a “trial” for parenthood. And, little did I know it, but puggles were an excellent choice for that trial. Cora is quite a character. She’s cheerful, excitable, and commands stay with her for roughly thirty seconds before she bounces off to something more interesting. Hannah is crazy about people(especially kids—she loves to give kisses), but she’s very much like a teenager in that she’s a little bit lazy, a little bit surly, and she’d rather do just about anything than listen to me telling her what to do. I adore them both. They’ve been with me for eight years, and as much as possible, they go with me on my adventures.

Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to get to know me and my little family. We’re a generally cheerful lot, and everyone is very excited to meet our newest member. If you do choose me, I promise to be a loving parent who gives her child every experience in my power: kindness, patience, nurturing, love and unconditional acceptance, a well-rounded education, a beautiful place to grow up, close friends, the best of care, and an appreciation of the world around them. I promise to be certain that the child is aware of you and the love you showed in your great generosity to our family (even if you’re not comfortable with a more open arrangement), and that the child will be raised within a loving community, attuned to their needs.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about us and our little world. I know your choice isn’t an easy one and regardless of whom or what you choose, I hope that it’s the right choice for you and for your little one. If I am so fortunate as to have you choose me, I am more than willing to consider any level of openness with which you’re comfortable. I believe that it’s not possible for children to have too many people who love them in their lives and that families can always be expanded to include one more.