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Phone: 888-247-5757
Where I live: Atlanta, Georgia
My neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: 1
Pets: 1 dog, 1 cat

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Whether adoption ends up being part of your journey or not, I hope you find peace as you walk through this difficult time.

I grew up in Iowa and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2011. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but by 2012 Mr. Right hadn’t shown up, so I decided to become a Single Mom by Choice (SMC) through adoption. Miles was born in 2015. I have worked hard to build my village here among other SMC’s. We get together often and support each other. My parents live in Florida and come visit us many times a year. I also have a cousin and his family here in Atlanta.

For their privacy I am not including any pictures of Miles birthfamily in my profile. We are in contact often, and I go to visit them once a year. And they have come to visit Atlanta a few times as well. I am grateful that they accepted us into their lives. Adoption is not easy, it’s a complex mix of emotion and relationships. But I do my best every day to make sure Miles knows where he comes from, who he is, and how much they love him.

I am open to many levels of contact, and happy to discuss what you imagine our relationship to look like. Just as parents can love multiple kids, children have just as much capacity to love multiple sets of parents.

Our home includes Miles and myself, our dog Moose, and cat Ziggy. Moose has watched over Miles since the day he came home. He prefers belly-rubs to anything else. And Ziggy just wants a warm lap to sit on, and always puts up with tiny toddler hands petting him. The rest of our family includes my brother, and parents who live in Florida, and my sister, her husband and son, who live in Colorado. We also have quite a bit of family spread out all over the US, as well as the friends who are like family in Iowa we visit every year too.

I work for a large life insurance company. I feel very fortunate to work from home as it does give me some flexibility. I enjoy my job, it pays the bills, but the job I love the most is being a mom. It has been everything I hoped it would be and more. We keep ourselves busy with all the things that Atlanta has to offer. With such a diverse array of people and actives, there is always something available. Neighborhood festivals, museums, parks, swimming, sports and hiking.

I promise that my children will always know their adoption story and the way we became a family. I promise to create a home filled with warmth and security, so they grow into happy, confident, and strong adults. I will provide unconditional love and support so they can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring every aspect of life. If you decide open adoption is the path you want, I promise to honor you, the decisions you make, and will work hard to make you proud.

I hope to hear from you.