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Phone: 844-329-3390
Years together: 8
Where we live: New york, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: No
Pets: No
Dear Expectant Mothers and Friends, 
Welcome to our page. Thank you SO MUCH for taking time to learn about us. 
We are excited to share our life with you and your baby!
Our names are Stephanie and Ezra and we live in the heart of New York City. We are a warm loving couple who will provide not only a loving caring home but all of the opportunities life has to offer.  
Our dream is to become parents and we feel a beautiful way to start a family is through adoption. 
We know it’s likely been a hard decision to find a home for your baby and we admire your courage in this journey.  Maybe you aren’t sure yet if you want to go through with this process but after speaking to us you will feel better.
We promise to do our best to raise a strong and happy child. One that respects differences and is a spirited soul.  We have a strong and loving marriage, with a huge family and great network of friends.  We promise to try our best to deeply understand your child and guide them in the most respectful and compassionate manner.
Thank you for reading our  profile and for keeping us in mind. We wish you peace, love and happiness. 
PS. We are both warm loving people who don’t judge others, we are very kind and giving. We hope to connect and get to know you.
We are friendly so please feel free to reach out.

About Us

 We laugh at our story because it seems like a romantic comedy! We had met earlier once through an online dating site but the timing was a bit off. A few years passed and them poof! Then one day two years later we ran into each other walking out of the gym lobby and went on a date shortly after. We dated for a year and got engaged. We had a wonderful wedding on a rooftop in New York City. The rest is history! We enjoy day trips, beaches, biking, BBQs, hiking, cooking, art and skiing. 


We love each other very much, and respect each other. Laughter is the key to our relationship.We are blessed to have an amazing family and close friends.  We are surrounded by people who love, care, and support us and they’re excited for us to bring home an addition to our family. 

About Ezra 

Ezra works for a non profit organization – with young professionals 20-30.

He plans events, trips parties and educational seminars to connect people in New York.

Ezra had performed weddings, baby namings and coming of age events.

He is a very social and outgoing guy who truly cares about others. 

Ezra is very sporty and is incredible at tennis and snowboarding!

About Stephanie

Stephanie is  a 4th grade teacher, which she thinks  is the best job ever. 

 She teaches  at a private school in New York City and every day is a fun filled adventure!

She  adores her class they are full of life and passionate about the world around them.

Stephanie delights in teaching reading and writing and try to be as fun and interesting when educating my kiddos!

Stephanie is also a jewelry designer and have been very artistic my whole life.