How to Connect with Your Future Child’s Birth Parents

This guest post is by Hal Kaufman, an adoptive parent and founder of My Adoption Advisor.

During the last several years there has been a lot of research and press about Millennials.

Pew Research defines Millennials as people born between 1981 and 1997.

This means that in 2017, Millennials are 20-36 years old. According to Pew, in 2015, Millennial women accounted for 82% of U.S. births.

If you’re looking to adopt an infant, your child’s birth parents are likely to be Millennials.

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What Being An Adoptive Mother Taught Me About Love

This post is by Angela Boucher, an adoptive mother. 

Recently I was asked, as an adoptive mother how has parenthood has changed me?

To be honest, I’m not sure that it matters at all how you become a parent. Instead, it’s about how you choose to parent.

I do not want you to assume my choice to be an adoptive parent was an easy experience.

It came after many years of infertility and struggle.

It took me some time to realize that while pregnancy lasts nine months, parenthood lasts a lifetime.

What I wanted was to be a mom. I wanted that more than being pregnant.

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What Adopting Parents Need To Know About Birthparent Rights

This guest post is by Karie Boyd, an adoption attorney

Deciding to pursue an adoption is a huge decision for hopeful parents.

Once the decision has been made to welcome a new child into your life, you will need to quickly decide what type of relationship you are most comfortable having with the birth parents.

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How To Create An Adoption Hospital Plan For Your Baby

This post is by Maxine Chalker, the founder of Adoptions From The Heart and an adoptee.

The day of your hospital stay will be emotional and emotions are something most of us just can’t control.

The practical aspects of your hospital stay, on the other hand, are completely in your control.

Most expectant parents work in close collaboration with their social workers to develop an adoption hospital plan, outlining exactly how they envision the hospital stay going.

Hospital plans are designed to ensure that an expectant parent’s wishes are known and honored. Read More