Do I Need A Post-Adoption Contact Agreement?

This guest post is by Karie Boyd, an adoption attorney.

The process of adopting a child is complex and parents have a lot to consider. One of the most important considerations is whether the adoptive parents choose to maintain contact with the birth parents after adoption.

These so-called “post-adoption contact agreements” outline what birth parents can expect to receive from the adoptive parents, whether it’s photos, updates, or even visits with the family.

If you’re considering an open adoption, here are a few essential things to know about post-adoption contact agreements.

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7 Tips To Make Your First Holiday With Your Adopted Child Memorable

This guest post is by Alana Redmond.

The first holiday season with your adopted child should be one that is memorable.

Given this may be their first time ever celebrating, its important to make it extra special.

I put together a few tips to kickstart your holiday season and make memories that will last a lifetime. Read More

A Birthmother’s Advice On How To Honor Your Child’s Birth Parents

This guest post is by Lynea, a birthmother and the founder of Life After Placement.

I became a birth mom 28 years ago when I made the courageous decision to place my baby for adoption. My daughter and I reunited 18 years ago.

I experienced what those things do to a birth mother. The relationship with the adoptive parents, positive and negative, the minimal interactions through the years with them and my daughter, reunification and handling the challenges that it brings were all unchartered territory as far as I could determine.

My experience brought me to a place where I knew that Birth Moms needed more support and understanding, so I started Life After Placement (LAP). Life After Placement is a safe place created by Birth Moms for Birth Moms to get support, education and resources for all things post placement.

Our goal is to help society see birth parents as equals in the paradigm of adoption.

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What Our Sons’ Relationships With Their Birth Families Look Like 7 Years In

This guest post is by Brian Esser, an adoptive father and attorney.

My seven-year old son Keith initiated the most recent visit with his birth family.

Our spring and early summer had been a hive of activity, and we had overlooked setting up our usual summer visit with his “Pennsylvania family,” as he calls his birth mother, her new husband, and the four kids she is parenting, with one more on the way.

He thought some weekend in August would be a good idea. He is a planner.

We were originally discussing a petting zoo in Pennsylvania, but there was a threat of rain, so opted for the aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.

It can be a challenge to find a suitable place for kids who range from a young teenager to preschoolers, and a zoo or aquarium has proven to work well. (Pro tip: With an aquarium, or any indoor space, you never have to change location because of rain, excessive heat, or snow.)

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