Why I Chose Open Adoption For My Son

This guest post is by Tysie Stoyan, an adoptive mother.

Over three years ago I experienced one of the best moments in my life.: I received a message from a woman named Jasmine who was interested in placing her child with us. 

After meeting her and her family we all decided to move forward with our plan. It was truly one of the most exciting  days of my life–a dream come true!

Jasmine and I messaged back and forth throughout her pregnancy.   She was very uncertain about open vs. closed adoption practices. 

We thoroughly discussed both types of adoptions. She asked a lot of questions about why I believed in open adoptions and if it would be best to keep our adoption private. Read More

What Our Son Taught Us About Open Adoption

This guest post is by Tennille, an adoptive mother. 

Over this past year I have been given a different perspective on open adoption through the eyes of the our son, Mateus, who joined our family through open adoption five years ago.

First and foremost, I am so thankful for our open adoption. This is something I felt so strongly about with every ounce of my being. 

I wanted Mateus to grow up knowing his birth story, where he comes from, who he looks like, what traits he gets from whom and so on.

I also wanted him to grow up knowing the love that his birth family has for him and I never want him to feel like he was not wanted or to feel as though he were a mistake. Read More

Let’s End The Stigma Surrounding Birthmothers

This guest post is by Lynea, a birthmother and the founder of Life After Placement.

With November being Adoption Awareness Month I ask you to honor and show your love for birth mothers.

Adoption begins with birthmothers—it’s a choice that affects us for a lifetime.

I’ve found that most people are not aware of who a birth mother is.

There is a perception that the choice she made to place was for selfish reasons. Few people try to understand or educate themselves about the motivation behind it. 

I placed my daughter 28 years ago and have been reunited for 12. I founded Life-After-Placement to create awareness and become an advocate for birth mothers.

I work to educate the public and people who choose adoption about why those choices are made and hope to create respect for what they have done. Read More

One More Reason I’m Grateful For My Daughter’s Open Adoption

This guest post is by Lori Lyons, an adoptive mother. 

Now that my daughter is off at college, leaving my husband and me with an empty nest, I have a lot more time to indulge in my favorite hobby – genealogy.

For more than 30 years I have spent late, late nights searching for ancestors across the globe. I have seen my family tree traced back to the 1000s and can follow it here to America and then to Louisiana.

I can proudly claim a couple of Mayflower passengers, patriots of the American Revolution and the royal family of England as very distant cousins. Maybe even Elvis Presley.

But my twig on my branch will end with me.

For whatever reason known only to God, I was unable to have a biological child. My husband, who had two children from his first marriage, and I turned to adoption to complete our family.

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