A Birthmother on How To Make Your Adoption Profile Shine

This guest post is by Gina Crotts, a birthmother.
Do you want to stand out among thousands of other parent profiles? How do you get an expectant mother to be drawn to your profile? 
Be yourself!
Sounds too simple to be true, but it’s as simple as that. Being yourself is the key ingredient to making your adoption profile shine.
Don’t say what you think an expectant parent would want to hear. Don’t play something you are not. Be the imperfect beautiful you that you are and she will take note. 
I was given very little information when picking an adoptive family for my baby. It was a sheet of basic “stats” like age, height, and ethnicity. A handful of pictures, accommodated by a single page of what the couple enjoyed doing together and that was it.

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How To Become An Adoption Advocate

This guest post is by Paige Knipfer, an adoptive mother.

I recently heard a quote by Kerstin Lindquist, “The system is broken but our family is whole.”

This couldn’t ring truer for me. As an adoptive mom, sometimes I feel defeated by the adoption process. So I came up with some ways that we can all make changes to it in order to improve the adopting experience for others. 

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A Birthmother On Why Adopting Parents Need To Be Honest With Their Children

This guest post is by Lynea, a birthmother.

I created Life After Placement because of my experience as a birth mother.

I have many of those experiences over the 26 years since placing but today I want to discuss the honesty that must take place as adoptive parents.

The one thing we should all expect is that many of our children will someday want to re-unite with the birth mother/father.

This is a normal desire. We all have a need to know where we came from.

Adopted children can be brought up by the greatest people in the world and will love you for that but they will also want to know their biological history.  

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This Is What Being An Adoptive Mother Feels Like

This guest post is by Mallory Rivas, an adoptive mother. 

Since becoming an adoptive mother in 2016, life has changed in so many ways. I became a part of this “club,” if you will, of other parents that have adopted their children.

We share stories of our journeys, our joys, trials and heartbreaks. It’s true when they tell you adopting a child is the hardest, most beautiful thing you will ever do in your life. It absolutely is.

And it isn’t your child that makes it hard, it’s the adults who have no filter and offer their opinions and advice to you. Unless you yourself have adopted a child, you will truly never know how we feel.

“Do I love him as much as my biological daughters?” Of course, how could I not?? “But he isn’t really yours, how could you love him as much??” But, he IS really mine. Read More

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