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Phone: 646-504-2806
Years together: 10
Where we live: New York, New York
Our neighborhood: Urban
Other children: No
Pets: No

About Us

Oh hey! We’re Lindsay and Matt. We’re caring, active and optimistic. We can’t wait to share our love for life with kids. Thanks for taking the time to check out our profile, as we realize this decision can’t be easy for you and we know you will make it with lots of love and care.

Married for more than 3 years and together for nearly 10, we’re a true team. From celebrating holidays with our big wonderful family, enjoying the city with friends, to exploring new places, we have an unparalleled love for life.  Here are some quick, fun facts to help you get to know us!

Fun Facts – Lindsay

I’m Creative, active, empathetic, and organized.

  • Can’t wait to: Help our kids with science and art projects
  • Craves: Hot chocolate (whipped cream, please!)
  • Fave: Making modern, seasonal crafts
  • Happy place: Running in Central Park
  • Works: Designs apps and websites

Fun Facts – Matt

I’m athletic, thoughtful, easy-going, and fun-loving.

  • Can’t wait to: Play like a kid with our kids
  • Craves: Italian food
  • Fave: Playing ice hockey
  • Happy place: Stoney lake with the family
  • Works: Coaches college athletes

“Matt is silly, fun to be around, and incredibly thoughtful. He’s going to be an amazing father!”


Family & Friends

We know we’re lucky, we have the best families and friends! They’re fun-loving, caring, and supportive. And they couldn’t be more excited about our journey to adopt. Between the two of us, we have five siblings, eight nieces and nephews, more than a dozen aunts, uncles and cousins; and a close group of friends that are also starting families.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more committed to becoming the best parents they can possibly be than Matt and Lindsay. In my opinion, a child placed in their care has won the lottery.”

—Patrick, friend of Matt & Lindsay

Fun Facts – Lindsay’s Family

Active, honest, funny, creative, consistent

  • Faves: Playing tennis, going out to dinner for Mexican food
  • Funny tradition: Serving cranberry straight from the can – lines and all – at Thanksgiving
  • Summer go-to: Riding bikes on the coast of Maine

Fun Facts – Matt’s Family

Fun-loving, kind, open, athletic, energetic

  • Faves: Big family dinners, swimming at the lake
  • Funny tradition: Eating seven different foods at Christmas eve dinner – it’s good luck!
  • Summer go-to: Fishing at the lake

Our Friends

Whether we’re chatting over weekend brunch, playing a friendly hockey game, or celebrating life’s biggest moments – it’s sharing these times with our amazing group of friends that makes these moments special.

Our Community & Our Home

We live in the best city in the world (we think)! We live in a modern, spacious, sun-filled apartment in a fantastic, family-friendly neighborhood in New York City. Our home is within short walking distance of parks, schools, playgrounds, and transit – and our area is full of young families. From hanging in the park, catching a baseball game, or browsing the local farmer’s market, we love taking advantage of the amazing culture and diversity New York offers.

Fun Facts – Our Neighborhood

  • Schools within walking distance: 6
  • Playgrounds: 5
  • Best neighborhood bet: Local coffee shops
  • Our go-to spot: The neighborhood diner
  • Where to get a strong margarita: Rosa Mexicano
  • Walk time to Hudson River Park: 2 minutes; to Central Park: 7 minutes
  • Museums: Museum of Natural History, Children’s Museum, Museum of Art & Design

Our Traditions & Celebrations

Holidays, birthdays, life’s little wins: for us, celebrating with family and friends is what it’s all about. Celebrating the holidays with family and friends is a tradition we look forward to all year. Lindsay’s family hosts a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and Matt’s hosts a warm, kid-centered Christmas. And every summer, we spend a week on a lake with family jumping off the diving board, fishing, and barbecuing together. It’s awesome!

A Message for You

Thanks again for taking time to view our our profile, we crafted it for just for you over many love-filled hours! We live guided by four pillars: kindness, affection, laughter, and adventure. May we be so blessed to adopt a child, we promise to raise him or her with our guiding stars of enrichment, openness, support, and compassion.

Love and light,

Lindsay & Matt