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Phone: 3014121296
Where we live: Severn, Maryland
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: 1 daughter- Gabbie, age 6
Pets: No

Hi! We are Paula and Josh! We are a happy, loving family of three from Maryland hoping to adopt again. Thank you for taking a look at who we are! We admire you and are praying for you, that you make the best choice for your child and for yourself.

About Paula

Paula grew up in a little town called Bellaire, Ohio near the West Virginia border with her parents and her younger brother. She has always wanted to be mother and a teacher. Growing up, Paula loved to read, write letters, take pictures, and babysit her six young cousins.  After high school, Paula went to the local Catholic college and spent four years studying about her faith so she could teach it to others.  She still loves to take pictures and has at least 25 albums full of pictures documenting our life together! She enjoys watching the Travel Channel (her secret favorite shows are about ghosts!), and going on vacation. She has been teaching at a Catholic middle school for the last 12 years.

About Josh

Josh (Joshua to his parents and grandmother) was born in Scranton, Pa but when he was young, his family moved to East Orange, NJ because his father got transferred. He has a lot of memories of going in to New York with his mom to explore. Around the time that he was in second grade, his father was transferred to Maryland where has spent the last 30 years or so. Josh is also the oldest of two, his brother is 6 years younger than he. He grew up playing sports, rooting on the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles and 76ers (in which he is still an avid fan). Josh went to the same college as Paula and has the exact same degree. His dream job has always been to teach at the high school he went to- and he is doing just that for the last 14 years. Josh is also a trivia nut and loves moderating the Quiz Bowl team at the high school he works at.

About our marriage

We got married right after Josh finished college in 2004, in a little church in Steubenville, OH and have never looked back! Everyone told us to wait and “grow up” a little bit, but we just wanted to start our lives together.  We have always wanted to have a lot of children, but God had other plans for us. We have a knack for communication, (sometimes even talking things to death). We loved to just sit and watch a movie together, analyzing what we are watching, and we love to laugh!

Family time

We love to make time to have fun together. One of our favorite traditions the last few years is to celebrate our daughter’s finalization day in December. We go to Dutch Wonderland in Pennsylvania to their Winter Wonderland and ride all the rides that are open, and just have a good time together. We also like to go visit family (especially Josh’s grandmother in New Jersey), and to the beach. This past summer, we took a surprise trip to Disney World where we got to experience it from our daughter’s perspective. It was such an amazing experience! We live very close to Washington, DC and Baltimore so we have so many different things that we can experience in an hour car ride (history, museums, parks, zoos).

Our daughter

Gabbie is our daughter and she is 6 years old and in the first grade. She has a larger than life personality and a laugh that lights up the room. She is so excited to become a big sister, she loves babies and is so attentive to them. Her favorite things are reading, gymnastics, ballet, dancing, drawing, coloring telling fun stories, and watching Star Wars with her dad (she loves Darth Vader for some reason…).

Our Faith

We were both raised Roman Catholic, and are bringing our daughter (and any future children into our faith). We attend the same Church our daughter goes to school at, and they have been a very big support of our adoption plans.


Education is very important to us. We are both teachers (Paula-Catholic middle school; Josh-Catholic high school). We are lucky that we are able to place our daughter (and future children) in a school that we absolutely love and is known for its high educational standards. This school is the same school that Josh and his brother attended in their youth (in fact some of the same teachers are still there!). We place a high priority on education at home as well. We make sure our daughter has her homework finished for the day, and we are always reading a book, and reviewing math facts when we get a free moment.

Our road to adoption

We tried to have a family the old fashioned way, but we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We initially tried to do an older child adoption but it did not work out for us. We finally decided in 2011 that we try our hand at infant adoption. Through  something we can only chalk up to God’s guiding hand, we were connecting through friends with an expectant mother who wanted to us to adopt her sweet girl in 2012. We have a semi open adoption with her (letters and pictures) through her choice (though we are hoping she will open it up soon) and an open adoption with our daughter’s biological grandmother and two older brothers.

Our beliefs about adoption

We are hoping for an open adoption (but that is up to you) as we love watching our daughter interact with her grandmother and brothers, and speak about them. We truly believe that adoption is not just about adding a child to our family, but adding the rest of the biological family as well. It is very important to us to have this relationship with our future child’s family because it keeps us all connected and it as reminder of the love that brought us together.