Why America Adopts!?

The main reason: You’re always front and center.

Only America Adopts! puts your adoption profile on its home page, increasing your exposure and maximizing your chances of finding a match with prospective birthparents.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons to choose us.

A Proven Track Record
We have 13+ years of experience in adoption profile and marketing services and have helped countless hopeful adoptive parents adopt the child of their dreams.

A Hands-On Approach
Our webmaster will create your profile from scratch, optimizing your photos and letter and giving it the attention it needs so that you can make a strong first impression and show yourself in the best light possible.

A Comprehensive Outreach Strategy
In addition to advertising on high-traffic sites like Facebook and Google, our blog contains nearly 300 highly targeted articles aimed at expectant parents and hopeful adoptive parents.

Large Attention-Getting Photos
Birthparents have told us the most important element in a parent profile are the photos. As a result, all of our profiles feature large-scale photos, an interactive album, and photo optimization.

Increased Visibility
We help you stand out from the crowd through our expertise in search engine optimization, a comprehensive social media strategy, a link to your profile on every page of our site, and a limited number of other adoption profiles.

A Full Portrait
Your social media pages are a way to show prospective birthparents another side of you and share updates in your life. To help you keep your profile fresh, we include links to all of your social media channels directly on your profile.

No Technical Expertise Necessary
We’ll create your profile for you from beginning to end. All you need to do is send us your material. We’ll do the rest, including updates to your letter or profile.

Anti-Fraud Contact Form
Reaching out to prospective birthparents can be risky and expensive. To reduce your risk of fraud, your profile comes with a secure contact form to trace responses to your profile.

Affordable Plans Tailored to Your Needs
Adoption can be expensive. As a result, we offer flexible pay-as-you-go fee plans to suit your needs. That way you pay only for the time you need and can cancel at any time.

Single Hopeful Parents and Same-Sex Couples Are Always Welcome.
Everyone is invited to use our services, regardless of their sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity or age. The only requirement for our Waiting A Family service is that you’re home study ready.

But perhaps our biggest strength is this: we care. As parents who found an adoption match online after several false starts, we know how hard it is connect with prospective birthparents.

That’s why we treat every profile as if it were our own. Adoption profiles and networking aren’t just our specialty. They’re the only thing we do.

Sign up for our Adoption Profiles or Writing and Networking services and experience the America Adopts! difference today.

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