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Launched in 2011, America Adopts! is an online service that connects expectant parents pursuing an adoption plan with families hoping to adopt. 

We’re the only website that places your profile front and center on its home page and highlights it at the top of our Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

As adoptive parents who experienced the joy of finding a match online, our mission is to maximize your visibility with expectant parents and make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Here’s how we do it:

If You’re Pregnant and Looking For Adoptive Parents for Your Baby: Check out our adoption-ready families confidentially now. Connect with them anytime anywhere directly through their profile. Or learn more about open adoption from our extensive library of 500+ articles and birthmother blogs.

If You’re A Waiting Parent: Don’t get lost in the crowd! Get a customized online adoption profile created for you by our design team within 48 hours that’s affordable and convenient.

Because we deal with only a limited number of families, you don’t have to fight to get seen or spend valuable time updating your profile to get displayed on our home page. We do it automatically for you.

And expectant parents don’t have to go through the extra step of registering with us or reach out to a third-party just to contact you. 

Learn more about what sets us apart and take control of your adoption journey today!


Meet Our Adopting Parents

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Chantal and Geoffrey “We matched through our agency. We would like to thank you for having our... [Read More...]

Rori and Mike Congratulations on your match! Mike and I met the first night of college. While... [Read More...]

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Genevieve and Michael “Many thanks. The website link was texted to the birthmother for her consideration.” Genevieve... [Read More...]

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Open Adoption Tips And Information

How to Start An Adoption Profile
There's only one thing harder than finishing an adoption parent profile. That's starting it. Summing up your life is always a challenge, especially when you only have about 1,000-1,500 words to work with. But as with every long or difficult journey, this one begins with one small step. The... [Read More...]
7 Common Mistakes Hopeful Adoptive Parents Make
There's no one right way to create a prospective adoptive parent profile or go through the process. But there are many wrong ways. Here are some common mistakes waiting parents make in their journey through open adoption. 1. Taking shortcuts with counselling. No matter how committed an... [Read More...]
How to Deal with a Failed Adoption
Adoptions fail for the same reasons that they succeed: Some times they're meant to be; other times they're not. So while your immediate reaction may be to blame yourself, a better approach is to understand that you probably had nothing to do with it at all. Another way to look at it is... [Read More...]

Success Stories

“We’ve identified a match through our attorney…We did receive some leads through your site, and we appreciate the exposure you provided. Thank you.” Rob and Rachel

“We have been matched so no longer need our online profile. Many thanks!” Lizzie and Chris

“We were matched through an attorney! Thank you so much for your help and great service!” Maggie and Curtis

“We matched through our agency. We would like to thank you for having our profile on your website and for helping us out.” Chantal and Geoffrey, 

“We have good news- we just brought home a beautiful baby boy that we’re in the process of adopting from our agency.” Joel and Oz

“Many thanks. The website link was texted to the birthmother for her consideration.” Genevieve and Michael

“We connected with a lovely woman last Wednesday who was due in 2 weeks and to our surprise she then went into labor the very next morning! Thank you so much for everything, we cannot believe how quickly this all happened!” Kyle and Thomas

“We actually received 2 great leads from your site. Your site is great and we found it very useful.” Haris and Clay

“Of all of the many adoption websites, we found America Adopts! offered the most personalized customer service and support.  We were even happier when after only a few months, our birth mother found our online profile! “ Lauren and Andy

“We were listed for a only month or two before we found a match through the America Adopts! website.” Adesina and Dave

“Without our profile, we know we wouldn’t have the family we have today. Thank you America Adopts!” Tracy and Micah

“Having the America Adopts! page greatly upgraded our online presence and reach. Even last week we got a expectant mom contact via the site!” Shana and Coco

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