Meeting A Prospective Birthmother For The First Time: How To Make the Most of It

This guest post is by Michelle Erich at Michelle Erich Law.

As an adoption attorney, I love making that long awaited phone call to adopting parents and saying the magical words “A birth mother has chosen you and wants to meet you.”

Sometimes I hear screams or sputters or absolute silence on the other end of the line, but eventually real words form and the response is some version of: “Oh, my God! I am so scared. What if she doesn’t like me? What do I say to her?” Continue reading

Are You Making These Classic Mistakes In Your Parent Profile?

Nobody’s perfect.

You probably discovered that long before you began writing your adoption profile. But now that you’ve finished and had a chance to look it over, you’re probably feeling a lot less perfect than when you started it.

Not to worry: it’s all part of the process. Open adoption wouldn’t be open adoption unless it was difficult. And writing a parent profile is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. Continue reading

Our Open Adoption Relationship: It’s Not Complicated

This guest post is by Star Prattas of Adoption Giftbox

The adoption of our older daughter is closed. This was at the request of her birth parents. Although we had hoped for an open adoption relationship with them, we realized that we had to honor and respect their decision.

Following our daughter’s arrival in our loving home, we were told by many of our family members and friends that it was better this way. They often suggested that it could potentially be “complicated” if we communicated with our daughter’s birth parents. Continue reading

Adoption Profile Writing: Why It’s Similar To Résumé Writing

This guest post is by Preetha, a hopeful adoptive mother.

A few days ago, I met with a friend to help her build her résumé. As we were working on it, I realized how similar it is to writing an adoption profile or “Dear Birth Mother” letter.

In fact, letters to prospective birth parents are sometimes referred to as “a family résumé.” Although the two are different in terms of intent and audience, we saw the following similarities. Continue reading

How To Adopt Domestically Using The Latest Online Tools

This guest post is by Lori Barer Ingber of Parent Match

For many hopeful adoptive parents, being matched with a child is the most dreaded part of the adoption process. Many prospective parents feel all there is to do is wait… and wait… and wait.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help shorten the wait and feel more confident that you are doing everything you can to be your own adoption advocate. Continue reading

Why Pinterest Should Be Part of Your Adoption Networking Strategy

The social web is getting more social by the day. What’s a hopeful adoptive parent to do?

It used to be that if you wanted to get the message out about your quest to adopt, you needed to be on Facebook. (Actually, before Facebook, it was MySpace. And before MySpace, it was Friendster. And before Friendster, it was… But that’s another story). Continue reading

Agency or Independent Adoption? What You Need To Know

This guest post is by Michelle Erich at Michelle Erich Law.

After you have read up on adoption and maybe visited an adoptive parent support group, you will have some ideas of the adoption you want such as open or closed, in state or out, or international.

Do you want to hire an adoption attorney or list with an adoption agency? Both have pros and cons, so the choice is personal to you.

An adoption attorney is a one-stop-shop in a way that is exclusive to lawyers.  Attorneys are licensed by the state.  Be sure to check the laws in your state first since some jurisdictions, such as Texas and Florida, only allow agency adoptions. Continue reading

Open Adoption Videos on YouTube: 3 Great Examples

Earlier this week, the Oscars reminded us about the magic of movies on the big screen. Today, I’d like to talk about how you can spread the word about your adoption dream by leveraging your own movie on the small screen.

On YouTube, to be exact.

When it comes to creating an online presence and reaching out to expectant parents  who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, more and more waiting parents are turning to YouTube. And it’s not hard to see why. Continue reading