How Our Adoption Outreach Plan Got 500+ Facebook Likes

If you’re hoping to adopt, chances are you have a parent profile on Facebook. After all, nearly a billion users are on it. It makes sense that you should be, too.

But just how effective is Facebook in reaching out to expectant parents who are considering adoption for their baby? That’s the question I asked Tracy and Micah from our find an adoptive family registry. Continue reading

Ask A Hopeful Adoptive Parent: What’s The One Thing You Plan To Do Differently This Fall?

Fall is here, and that means the leaves are changing color. But that’s not the only thing that’s changing. Families hoping to adopt are also changing up their networking strategy. This week we asked 16 hopeful adoptive parents about their plans this season and what they’re doing differently.

Susan and Mitch
Our plan is to update our adoption profile letter. We’ve learned a lot since we put our original letter together and this fall’s rewrite will be a great opportunity to incorporate new ideas and better photos. Beyond that we plan on having more fun, but in new ways like annual passes to Disneyland. Continue reading

Your Adoption Profile Letter Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect. It Just Needs To Get Done. Here’s How

Imagine your chances of becoming an adoptive parent boiled down to one letter you wrote — to 1,000 to 1,500 words, to be exact.

Would you be intimidated? Would you hum and haw and put off writing it for as long as you could? And when you finally did find the time and inspiration to do it, would you spend hours and hours searching for just the rights words to say a prospective birthmother? Continue reading