How To Build Trust With An Expectant Mother Through Your Adoption Resumé

Imagine you’re a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who is considering adoption for your baby. Imagine you’ve just gone through a handful of adoptive parent resumes online or at an agency and each one promises to give your baby the future you want to give her.

Which one would you choose? How would you pick one resume over the other, and what criteria would you use? Continue reading

Who’s Her Mommy? An Adoptive Mother Responds

This guest post is by Deborah Brennan, an adoptive mother and owner of Labours Of Love Designs.

The tie that links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength as to be never violated — Washington Irving

Becoming a mother is one of life’s most complex experiences.  It is also the most long lived – for once you have earned the title, it is yours forever.  I have encountered this miracle three times – once by giving birth, once by miscarriage and once by adoption.

Each began with the same hope, anticipation and fear.  I wondered – what kind of mother would I be?  How would I ever succeed in nurturing a baby to adulthood without one or both of us failing miserably? Continue reading

How We’re Reaching Out To Expectant Parents Considering Adoption

Open adoption is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time — some would say, a lifetime — to fully understand. Most people have a vague idea about what’s involved in the process. But without a doubt the ones who understand it best are those who have adopted or are trying to adopt now.

That’s why we’ve been asking hopeful adoptive parents from our Find A Family Parent Registry to share their open adoption experiences, stories and advice. Continue reading