Open Adoption Agreements: Do They Work?

Michelle Hugheshead shotWhat happens when a child’s adoptive parents and birth parents have a disagreement after their adoption has been finalized? What if one party wants to have more (or less) contact than the other — or no contact at all? What if one party wants to keep in touch by email but the other one prefers communicating through phone calls or visits? Can the adoption be overturned if one side doesn’t live up to its end of the agreement? Continue reading

3 Tried-And-True Ways To Make Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

stands outEvery hopeful adoptive parent wants to make their adoption profile stand out.

After all, standing out could help you get noticed, which in turn could help you make a connection with a woman who’s considering adoption for her baby, which in turn could help you find an open adoption match and become a parent.

So how do you do it? How do you set yourself apart and grab the attention of an expectant mother with an adoption plan?

There’s no one way to do it. In fact, there are three ways. Continue reading

Using Movies To Talk About Open Adoption

This guest post is by Addison Cooper at Adoption At The Movies.

Warner Grand TheaterOn February 24, we’ll know the winners of the 85th Academy Awards. Maybe you’re not enough of a movie buff to tune in to the Oscars, but you may have seen some of the Best Picture nominees. Or subscribed to Netflix. Or stopped by Redbox.

We watch films because they’re entertaining, because they create a sense of shared culture, and because they connect with our stories in powerful ways. Continue reading

Placing A Baby For Adoption? Ask Yourself These Questions First

tiny footPlacing your baby for adoption can trigger all kinds of conflicting emotions ranging from fear and anger to hope to excitement. Deep down you may feel you’re making the right decision for you and your baby. But another part of yourself may be struggling with doubts about whether you’re doing the right thing and how your child will eventually feel about your decision.

The good news is that you don’t have to make your decision alone. There are plenty of people who can help you. The key is to start your research now and collect as much information as you can to make an informed choice. But before you speak to anyone else, you’ll need to have a conversation with yourself and ask the following questions. Continue reading

9 Open Adoption Professionals Share What They Love Most About The Process

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here at America Adopts!, V-Day isn’t just about roses and chocolates. It’s also a chance to celebrate our love for open adoption. Last year, we marked the occasion by asking birth mothers, adoptive parents, hopeful adoptive parents, and adoption professionals what they love about the process.

Today, we continue the tradition with 9 adoption agency executives, attorneys, and case workers sharing their thoughts about why open adoption is close to their hearts.

Continue reading

How To Write About Openness In Your Open Adoption Profile

perfectly imperfectOpenness isn’t just a trend in open adoption. It’s a reality. About 95 percent of infant adoptions in the U.S. today involve some degree of openness between birth parents and adoptive parents. And for many expectant parents it’s the deciding factor when choosing parents for their child.

But addressing openness in an adoption profile is no easy task. A large number of adoptive parents are so focused on just getting to the finish line and finding a match that they often don’t think about what comes next. Continue reading

Giving Up Your Baby For Adoption? That’s Not What Open Adoption Is About

vulnerableIf you’re pregnant but not ready to parent, you may be thinking about “giving up your baby for adoption.” Or at least that’s how your decision may be described in the media and by other people.

Open adoption isn’t about “giving up your baby.” “Giving up your baby” suggests you’re abandoning your child. But that’s not what you, or the thousands of expectant parents who make the the difficult but loving decision to create an adoption plan each year, are doing. Continue reading