Covering The Costs Of Your Open Adoption: Tips and Tricks

JulieGummFor many hopeful adoptive families, finances are the biggest barrier to adopting. But for Julie Gumm, the cost of an adoption should never stand in the way of giving a child a loving family.

Drawing on her personal experience and those of 30+ adoptive families, Julie is the author of Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption — a hands-on guide that contains more than $80,000 worth of creative fundraising tips and ideas, plus loads of interesting and, yes, fun ways to save money for your open adoption. Continue reading

Prospective Birthmother Not Connecting With You? Here’s Why

Make A WishEvery day it’s the same: you wake up in the morning full of hope that this will be the day when you finally connect with a prospective birthmother. It’s been months since you first sent out your adoption profile and you still haven’t received a response. Not a peep.

But as another day goes by without hearing anything, you start to wonder how much longer can you go on like this. Why aren’t prospective birthmothers clicking with you? What’s wrong with your profile? What’s missing? Continue reading

3 Must-See Birthmother Videos

Did you catch Katie Couric’s adoption special the other week? Heartfelt and uplifting, it showcased the story of three celebrity moms — — Nia Vardalos, Jillian Michaels and Kym Whitley — and how adoption and motherhood have changed their lives for the better.

It’s rare to see a prime time show take such a positive and in-depth look at adoption. Rarer still, however, is seeing the stories of birthmothers who have recently placed their babies for adoption. You won’t find them on TV. But you will find them online.

Birthmother (and adoptee) stories are the missing piece in the open adoption puzzle. And an essential one, too. To really understand why birthmothers “give up” their children, how they feel about it afterwards, and how hopeful adoptive parents can increase their own chances of having a successful match, you need to see and hear their stories first-hand. Continue reading

How Not To Put Up Your Baby For Adoption

Unplanned pregnancy? Thinking of putting up your baby for adoption?

If you’re new to the process — and the truth is, most people are unless they have a personal connection to it —  adoption can seem pretty scary and confusing at first, especially when you’re just looking into it. From deciding on how to break the news to your family to finding the right adoptive family, it feels like there are a million things to get your head around. Continue reading

12 Places To Post Your Open Adoption Profile Online For Free

If you visited our adoption profiles page today, you might have noticed a few changes: new larger photos of our hopeful adoptive parents; a simpler, cleaner layout; and improved search and navigational tools.

What’s behind the changes? Hopefully, an even easier way for hopeful adoptive parents and expectant parents considering adoption to connect and get matched.

Of course, when it comes to online adoption networking, we’re not the only game in town.

In fact, if you’re hoping to adopt and on a limited budget, there are many non-adoption places on the web where you can post your profile for free.

Continue reading

A Birthmother, Social Worker And Author On What Makes A Successful Open Adoption

jenniferNormally when you see a headline like this, you would expect to see three different views from three different people. But in this case, the birthmother, social worker and author in question all happen to be the same person: Jennifer Pedley.

Jennifer began her adoption journey more than 20 years ago when she placed her son, Grey, at birth in an open adoption. Since then, she has gone on to have careers as a licensed social worker, an adoption advocate, and as the author of Secrets To Your Successful Domestic Adoption. If that isn’t enough, she’s also a founding board member of On Your Feet Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting birthparents, where she regularly co-leads weekend retreats for birthmothers across the U.S. Continue reading

How To Find The Perfect Adoptive Parents For Your Baby Online

,Thinkin' about the codeAt first glance, finding adoptive parents for your baby online is a breeze. Simply type “open adoption profiles” or “adoptive parent profiles” or “Dear Birthmother letters” into a search engine like Google and hundreds of results will instantly show up.

Finding the right adoptive parents for your baby — now that’s a whole other story. With so many potential parents to choose from, how do you know which ones (or one) are right for you and your baby — especially when they all look and sound so perfect? Continue reading