Our Open Adoption Rollercoaster Ride: Why I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

This guest post is by Shannon Talbot, an adoptive mother and blogger

shannon1Riding a rollercoaster and our open adoption journey were very similar in a lot of ways.

Both are scary yet thrilling. Both definitely have parts along the way that make you question ever agreeing to go for it.

But once they’re over you’re really glad you decided to take the leap and want to do it all over again!

I’m writing this with a beautiful, healthy, happy seven-month-old sound asleep in his crib. Every day I am so thankful for him and his birth parents and am happier than ever. Continue reading

Telling Stories

This guest post is by Jennifer Grant, an adoptive mother and author


My youngest child has a remarkable memory. No, no, I’m not just another bragging Mama. I have three other kids with whom to compare her, and Mia’s memory is the one that stuns me.

A few nights ago as I was making dinner, for example, she looked up from her homework and said, “Remember that ice cream you and Dad got us at Mount Rushmore? That was so good. And wasn’t it fun when we went into the bookstore there and bought those books about South Dakota?” Continue reading

Colin Kaepernick’s Birthmother: My Mission To Elevate Birthmoms To A Place Of Honor


Heidi Russo is on a mission — a mission to change the way we view birthmothers and elevate them from a place of shame to one of honor.

A year ago you probably hadn’t heard of Heidi. But by the time the Super Bowl rolled around in February, she became America’s most famous  — or, depending on your perspective, infamous — birthmother.

Heidi is the mother of Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers’  star quarterback. Twenty-six years years ago, when she was 19, she placed him for adoption.

According to news reports that appeared in the run-up to the big game, Heidi had tried to contact Colin, but he refused to meet her. Doing so he felt, according to one of his friends, would be “treasonous” to his adoptive parents. Continue reading

Making An Adoptive Parent Profile: What You Need To Know

This guest post is by Elizabeth Ehlen, an adoption professional and author.

adoption-authorI am privileged to be able to work for an adoption agency, A Gift of Hope Adoptions, and have had worn several different hats while there (as most social workers do.)

One of the things I noticed when I take my turn answering the phones is how difficult it is for people sorting out fact from fiction in adoption.

When you are the first point of contact for someone who is trying to decide if adoption is right for them you get a lot of questions, all of which come from various and sundry assumptions and reference points.

We get questions like, “Can I stop by to see your babies?” Or “I heard there are thousands of kids available for adoption so I thought I’d take one off your hands” or “What do you mean it costs money to adopt?” Continue reading

What We’re Doing To Turn Our Open Adoption Dream Into A Reality


Meet Kim and Ed, a loving couple from Chicago who are hoping to turn their open adoption dream into a reality by connecting with an expectant mother who’s considering adoption.

They first met and became friends more than 18 years ago. But it wasn’t until Ed moved to California that they realized how much they loved each other, prompting Ed to return home.

Kim is kind and generous — the type of person who never forgets a birthday or anniversary and knows how to get just the perfect gift for any occasions. She enjoys staying fit and healthy by running. She’s completed four half-marathons and has taken part in several local races for charity. Continue reading

A Transracial Adoption Love Story: We Match Hearts

This guest post is by Christy, an adoptive mother and creator of the “We Match Hearts” wallpost.

transracial-adoption-loveMy heart was broken when I found out I wouldn’t be able to carry a child. I’d gone through so much physically, and I wanted so badly to be a mother. My amazing husband took me in his arms and said we would adopt.

Our oldest daughter was born about a year later. We went to the hospital just a few hours after she was born and were ushered into a tiny room off of the nursery.

I stood in the center of the room as a nurse wheeled in a bassinet. I peeled back blanket after blanket until we could see her beautiful little face. She took my breath away and tears rolled down my cheeks. I stood there, taking in this miracle. Continue reading

Unplanned Pregnancy? A Birthmom On Why Consider Open Adoption

12731_172502845964_841320_nIf you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and researching your open adoption options, you may be having second thoughts about your plan now that you’ve gone online.

It seems that nearly every website, blog or story that’s considered “pro adoption” contains some negative comment or warning about what will happen to you or your child if you decide to go ahead with your placement plan.

What may be surprising is that some of the harshest comments come from birthmothers themselves. Continue reading

An Open And Honest Conversation About Open Adoption On Our Social Networks

open-conversation-open-adoptionStacy Coleman and I have never met. But the other day I discovered that we share something in common.

As part of a special series we’re running every day this month on our Facebook page, I sent out a tweet asking our followers how their perception of open adoption has changed over the years.

Within minutes, Stacy tweeted back:

I was THAT Adoptive Mom who said ‘get our baby & run!’ I’ve recently launched #ThreeStrands to Serve BirthMoms! Complete 180.”

Boy, do I ever know about that “Complete 180.” I’ve made one, too. Continue reading