Colin Kaepernick’s Birthmom: What I’ve Learned Since Last Year’s Super Bowl

This guest post is by Heidi Russo, a birthmom and VP of Three Strands

colin-Kaepernick-birthmomA year ago this week, my phone was ringing non-stop. Reporters and TV shows from across the country, including “The View” and “Anderson Cooper”, were calling “to tell” my story.

“Inside Edition” even offered me a lot of money just to come to my home and take my picture during the Super Bowl, which I refused. I was so shocked and overwhelmed by the sheer number of calls that I didn’t return the majority of them.

The reason they were calling was because my son, Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, was about to appear in the Super Bowl that Sunday.

Twenty-six years earlier, when I was a teenager, I gave birth to Colin. But after realizing that I was unable to give him the kind of life that I had dreamed for him and felt he deserved, I placed him with his adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. Continue reading

I Was Born To Be An Adoptive Mama

This guest post is by Allie Ferguson, a hopeful adoptive parent

meant-to-be-adoptive-mamaI’ll resist the urge to be corny and say that some things are meant to be. But I do believe that.

I don’t think my inability to conceive a biological child was some random tragedy. I simply don’t think it was supposed to happen.

I believe, more and more with every passing day, that I was always meant to grow my family through adoption instead and that my heart has been preparing for this all of my life.

It started when I was a little girl. I would bring home stray animals because I just could not bear to see a tiny creature abandoned and fending for itself.

My heart just couldn’t take it.  Continue reading

How Placing My Baby For Adoption With A Same Sex Couple Helped My Family Grow

This guest post is by Mercy Verner, a birthmother.

mercybabyI made one of the hardest decisions of my life.  It started a little over a year ago.  I found out I was pregnant.  I stared at the test, as if it would change.  I realized that it was not going to change, and I immediately freaked out.

I didn’t know what to do.  I knew I wasn’t ready.  I couldn’t take care of another human being.  At least, not in the way that I wanted to.  I wanted my child to have more than what I had growing up.

I decided that that is what I needed to do. I needed to give my child a better life than what I could give.  I went through all the options associated with adoption.  I browsed many adoption websites and a few places, but none of them seemed right. Continue reading

Wishin` And Hopin` To Adopt A Baby This Year? What You Need To Know

wishing-to-adopt-a-babyThis is the time of the year when we all do a lot of wish’ and hopin’.

  • Wishin’ and hopin’ to be more organized
  • Wishin’ and hopin’ get to the gym more often
  • Wishin’ and hopin’ to spend more time with family and friends

And, of course, wishin’ and hopin’ to adopt a baby and become a parent.

You probably do a lot of wishin’ and hopin’ the rest of the year. But not like now. This is when all of that wishin’ and hopin’ to adopt a baby reaches a fever pitch.

And why not? If you can’t dream big now, when can you? Continue reading

How Walking A Mile In A Birthmother’s Shoes Changed Me As An Adoptive Parent

This guest post is by Rachel Garlinghouse, an adoptive mother and author

072Six years ago, my husband and I were waiting to adopt our first child. It was a long, torturous, uncertain fourteen months.

The summer before our daughter was born, we took a vacation to celebrate the freedom of our childless-ness (by sitting oceanside reading adoption books and talking about baby names).

We had seafood dinners at upscale restaurants (the ones that didn’t have kid menus, Crayon packets, or cups with lids), stayed up to late, and slept in until 10 a.m. each morning.

On our way home, we had lunch in the airport terminal, reminiscing about our adventures and clinging to our last bit of time away from the daily grind. Our quiet conversation was interrupted by the defining cry of a newborn baby.

The cry grew louder and louder. We looked up to see a young woman carrying a newborn baby, a middle-aged man following behind her with a tray of food and some luggage. Continue reading

Why Finding Adoptive Parents To Adopt My Baby Was The Best Decision

IMG_1056Growing up as a young girl in a religious family, Crystal says that having an unplanned pregnancy was the last thing on her mind. She remembers going to youth firesides and thinking “this could never happen to me. I’m going to wait for marriage.”

But her life took a different turn when, at 26, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. After considering all of her options, Crystal decided that finding adoptive parents to adopt her baby was the best decision. Now in nursing school, she describes her daughter as a “happy little girl” who is “right where she belongs.”

A little while ago I caught up with Crystal to tlk about her journey as a birthmother — about her initial fears, her hopes for the future, and the moment when it all came together and made sense to her. Continue reading

Why Our Adoption Was Meant to Be

This guest post is by Deanna Kahler, an adoptive mother and author.

deanna-kahler-adoption-book-authorWe’ve all heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” But when you’re waiting and longing to become a parent, it’s hard to imagine what that reason could be. Why is it so difficult for some women to get pregnant or carry a baby to term?

Why is the adoption process so long and unpredictable? When will my child arrive?

There seems no easy answer to any of these questions. However, with time, often a reason is revealed.

I remember after suffering two miscarriages, people said it wasn’t meant to be or that God has a plan.

During my sadness and grief, I couldn’t possibly understand why I lost two babies. All I could feel was the pain, the emptiness and the persistent ache of wanting to become a mother. Continue reading

12 Easy-To-Keep Resolutions To Help You Adopt A Baby This Year

adoption-resolutionsNow that the New Year is here, how are your resolutions coming along?

New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen, but they sure are tons of fun: Easy to make, and easy to break, especially if you’re a prospective adoptive parent hoping to adopt a baby through open adoption.

The problem is that most adopting parents focus on a general goal (“this year I want to adopt a baby”) rather than on the specific action they need to take in order to accomplish it (“since one of the ways to reach my objective is to connect with prospective birthparents through my adoption profile, I’m going to make sure that my profile paints a clear and honest portrait of who I am and the type of parent I would be by including relevant information and photos about me”). Continue reading