Adoption Love: You Won’t Believe What This Birthmother Did After She Placed Her Baby

When 19-year-old Kaleena Pysher found herself unexpectedly pregnant last year, she knew what she had to do: place her baby for adoption.

The Anchorage, Alaska teenager had seen firsthand the challenges of being a teen mother. Her sister had given birth at age 14.

Kaleena decided that open adoption was the best choice for her baby and eventually chose a couple to adopt her.

But it was what Kaleena did next that makes her story so remarkable: Ever since November she has pumped breast milk for her baby and given it to the adoptive family.

She says she’s doing it for same reason she chose open adoption.

“I want her to have the best,” she told the Alaska Dispatch News.  Continue reading

How to Increase Your Adoption Profile’s Visibility On Facebook Without Advertising

Looking to increase your adoption profile’s visibility on Facebook?

Welcome to the club.

As the world’s leading social media network, Facebook is a great place to spread the word about your parent profile and tell prospective birthmothers about your hopes to build a family through open adoption.

But ever since Facebook’s algorithm change, organic reach — the number of people you can reach for free by posting on your page — has dropped significantly.

Gone are the days when all of your Fans would see your updates. Today, only a small percentage — about 16 percent — on average see them.

As a result, in Facebook’s new “pay to play” world, a growing number of waiting parents are reaching into their pockets and buying advertising in order to get seen.

But not everyone wants to do that or can afford to. Continue reading

6 Things Prospective Birthmothers Need To Hear From Adopting Parents

Prospective birthmothers are people, too.

Besides their role as expectant parents considering adoption, they wear other hats such as “daughter”, “sister”, “friend”, “aunt”, “mother”, “co-worker” etc.

Sometimes when you’re reaching out to them as a prospective adoptive parent you may forget that. You may be so consumed by your own longing to build your family that you could overlook the fact that a prospective birthmother has a life of her own, outside of adoption, independent from you and your plans for the future.

She too has wants and needs as well as her own thoughts and feelings about her adoption plan and whether to go through with it it.

Sometimes a prospective birthmother will connect with you and you’ll hit it off from the get-go, in which case, Congratulations! It could signal the beginning of a long and lasting relationship. Continue reading

How Our Son’s Birthmother Gave Us The Greatest Gift


This guest post is by Angela Boucher, an adoptive mother.

Some things are just meant to be.

I believe my son and I were always meant to be together. Adopting him was fate.

I am sure you are wondering why I would say that so matter-of-factly.

My journey to adoption came after years of struggle with infertility. During that struggle I felt empty and hopeless. Never once did I feel it was going to be okay, yet I continued time and time again.

That changed for me very suddenly in 2011 when we made the decision to move forward and pursue an open adoption.

We completed our profile book and were ready to be shown. I was so hopeful. It was an amazing feeling.

I can remember so clearly saying to those closest to my husband and I that I felt our baby had already been conceived. I know this sounds silly but I knew that from the moment he had become life! Continue reading

101+ Inspirational Quotes For Waiting Adoptive Parents

The new year is here.

And if you’ve been waiting a long time to adopt — or even if you haven’t been waiting a long time — you may be asking yourself, is this your year?

Is this the year when your adoption dream finally comes true?

You won’t know the answer for sure for another 12 months, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start working on it today.

And having a positive attitude is a great place to begin.

Thinking positively while you wait to adopt will not only change the way you approach your adoption journey, it could also change your luck.

To help you get started, here are 101+ inspirational quotes to make this the best year ever.

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