What You Need to Know Before Reaching Out to An Expectant Mother Considering Adoption

This guest post is by Gina Crotts, a birthmother.

Connecting with a expectant mother considering adoption for her baby is one of the most important steps in your open adoption journey.

In many ways, it opens up a totally new chapter — one that could result in you becoming a parent.

But it’s also a difficult, uncertain time not only for you, but for the person you’re trying to connect with.  

Before you begin your outreach efforts, here are a few things you need to know about a expectant mother with an adoption plan and the challenges she’s facing. Continue reading

A Birthmother’s Advice On Picking Parents for Your Baby

This guest post is by Gina Crotts, a birthmother.

Pregnant? Thinking of adoption? Looking for the perfect parents for your baby?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that there are no perfect parents — no magic list of qualifications to base your decision off of.

No one can tell you which couple (or single waiting parent) is best for you and your baby.

It’s a decision as in-depth as choosing adoption — a leap of faith that only you can measure.

Once I made the decision to place my baby for adoption and the word got out, I had couples reaching out to me left and right.

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5 Things To Expect Immediately After An Open Adoption Match

You’ve found an open adoption match — congrats!

Just think, your dream of becoming a parent is about to become a reality!

And while it’s tempting to sit back and just count down the days until you hold that baby in your arms, the truth is it’s not that simple.

For many waiting parents, connecting with an expectant mother with an adoption plan often creates a new level of anxiety and wave of conflicting emotions.

Here are 5 things you can expect to face — and feel — immediately after an expectant mother (or parents) have connected with you, and how to handle them.   Continue reading